Why Should We Choose Digital Apparel Printing Technique

Ever since digital apparel printing came into being, it has been preferred over the conventional method of screen printing. Here are some top benefits that you can get from choosing to print your design digitally.

1) No Brittleness Or Yellowness

Digital apparel printing is by far the best way to go when it comes to printing onto white or light-colored garments.

In this method of printing, there are no harmful chemicals used that add a yellowish tint or make the ink brittle and crack-able. This makes digital prints look more aesthetically pleasing on clothing, especially on white garments.

2) No Smudging

Screen printing becomes smudged easily because it involves using oil-based inks that can dry out and become messy to use over time. This often leads to customers complaining about the smudging of their clothing.

Since digital printing is done with water-based inks, without any kind of heating involved, the prints don’t smudge easily on garments. No more stains from sweaty hands! This makes digital printing a much better option for customers who want their printed designs to remain perfect for long periods of time.

3) Lower costs

As compared to traditional screen-printing which involves a lot of setup costs, high equipment costs, and high running costs, digital printing is a relatively cheaper option. This makes it very affordable for small to mid-sized businesses.

4) Higher Resolution

Digital prints come with much higher resolutions than screen-printing, which means that the designs and fonts look crisper and more perfect as compared to screen-prints. This makes the printed clothing look much more professional and aesthetically pleasing.

These are some top benefits that you can get from choosing digital apparel printing for all your printing needs. However, it is important to note that since this method involves higher setup costs as compared to screen-printing, it may not be suitable for customers who want bulk orders on a weekly basis.

However, for customers who want to make an occasional bulk order, digital apparel printing is definitely the way to go. For instance, if you want to print custom sublimation shirts in bulk, then the digital printing technique is the right choice. 

5) Better Printing Accuracy

Since there are no screens involved in the process of digital printing, it is much more accurate than screen-printing. The designs come out exactly the way you want them, without any kind of distortion in the design. Digital prints are also done free of charge on dark garments.

6) Reduced Lead Times

Since digital printing is faster, it reduces the overall lead time for all orders significantly. This makes it a much more efficient method of printing designs onto clothing items.

Because of these benefits, digital printing is much more preferred over conventional screen printing when it comes to printing onto clothes. This is because it provides better quality prints along with faster turnaround times.

7) Customized Options

Digital printers offer customized options that are not possible in other conventional methods of fabric printing. The software used in this method allows you to edit the designs, add special effects and create customized templates that are not available in other methods of printing.

Because of this, digital apparel printing is a much more flexible option when it comes to printing onto clothing items.

8) Quality AssuranceCustom socks

With digital apparel printing, you can easily monitor how the progress of your print job is going. This allows you to keep an eye on the quality and compare it with your expectations before the printers send over the final product.

9) No Limits On Quantity

Since there are no screen limits when it comes to digital printing, there are no limits on the number of prints that you can make.

You can print as many designs and in whatever quantity you want, using the same piece of fabric. This makes this method ideal for short runs and job shops where customers need quick turnaround times for their products.

10) More Product Customization

Since you can easily edit and customize your designs, there are no limits to the amount of customization that is possible with digital printing. This adds a lot of value for customers, giving them more options to create custom products for themselves.

11) High-Quality Belts

Most digital printers offer high-quality belts that ensure superior print quality and durability along with better finishing options.

12) Durability

The prints created by these machines are much more durable than conventional screen-printing methods, which means that the printed garments will last longer and maintain their colors for a long time. This makes these prints ideal for wearables like bags, belts, and other fashion items.

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