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Why Choose the University of Adelaide as a Student

If you’re thinking of an exciting student city to study in Australia, there can be no better choice than Adelaide. When it comes to cutting edge education, the University of Adelaide features among the top 1% of institutes in the country, if not the globe. The institute is a prestigious research college that pushes students to be their best. Not to mention it also offers them lucrative opportunities in terms of employment. 

If you want to be a part of this diverse community, then the University of Adelaide is the perfect choice. This article will shed light on all the reasons why it is a student’s favorite college & Student Accommodation near University of Adelaide

World Ranked University 

The University of Adelaide features among the top most institutes of the world. Their degrees are recognised by a Group of Eight University. The college offers more than 400 undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Choose from a range of courses from Space and Astrophysics, Petroleum and Mining Engineering to Veterinary Science. Make sure your student accommodation near University of Adelaide is close by so you don’t have to waste precious time commuting. 

International Student Support

The University of Adelaide boasts of international students hailing from more than 100 countries. Out of the entire student community, 30% are international students. They also offer generous scholarships in various categories that you can avail. Be a part of a thriving institute that has 5 Nobel Laureates as Alumni and tons of Rhodes Scholars. The institute also has a student support program to ease communication gaps among new students and local ones. 

A Thriving Student Life

University of Adelaide is not all about assignments and academics. Students here are involved in various extracurriculars. The Great Adelaide Challenge is one such uni event that welcomes new students each year through a series of fun games. There are more than 130 student clubs in the Uni to suit everyone’s palette. 

Student accommodation near University of Adelaide must have enough amenities so that you can participate in this buzzing campus life. Facilities like onsite laundry and security must be present in the accommodation that allows you to spend maximum time on campus. 

Student Mentoring and Opportunities

Adelaide is a city designed for students. And the University of Adelaide follows the reputation. Very few institutes offer such amazing student mentoring facilities. One of these is the Peer Mentor Program. Newbies are mentored on various academic and non academic aspects by their peers. The senior students also learn from this experience. 

Peer connect and lifelong friendships are also made in student accommodation near University of Adelaide. Their communal lounges, games room and hangout joints offer residents a fun and relaxed environment where they can mingle. The University also allows part time jobs so students can earn while they learn. This sets them off in the real world. 

An Affordable City for Students

Budget is pretty much the major aspect that drives students when they are abroad. Thankfully, Adelaide is a student friendly city, 19% more affordable than Sydney or Melbourne. You can enjoy quality life without being broke. From street food to restaurants, to the largest fresh produce market, your taste buds are in for a journey of lifetime. Additionally, Adelaide is also the wine capital of Australia. From local bars to authentic South Australian cuisine, Adelaide is no less than a foodie’s paradise. 

Excellent Student Accommodations

Due to the large influx of students, off campus accommodations are very much in demand here. Student accommodation near University of Adelaide offers a range of different homes – from private studios to shared apartments. Choose according to your lifestyle and budget. All such accommodations come with fully furnished rooms, onsite amenities like laundry and management staff and common lounges. Such accommodations are located conveniently to connect you with nearby transit stations. 

Exotic Landmarks

Studying abroad is incomplete without exploring new places. Adelaide is a wonderland when it comes to attractions. From breathtaking hills to sandy beaches, the city has it all. There are events going on here all through the year like the Adelaide Festival, Test Cricket, Adelaide Fringe among others. Most of these are free and promise an exciting time. The city has an extensive transport system from trains, buses to trams so that you can access all this easily. 

For a  successful student life in this city, you must choose the right student accommodation near University of Adelaide. With a comfortable home, you will be able to do daily chores easily, study without interruption and make lifelong friendships. Adelaide is home to some major company offices like McDonald’s, Deloitte, PwC among others. It has thriving industries like medical research, tourism, ICT, manufacturing with ample amount of jobs and attractive pay packages. No wonder it is a student’s favorite destination to study. With exciting events happening all through the year, you will never feel bored during your university years in Adelaide. 

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