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Which yoga asanas should liver cancer patients do? Know the right way and benefits

Cancer is a very dangerous disease. If it is in any part, it causes damage. If cancer is detected at an early stage, we can avoid cancer. Liver cancer occurs due to the weakening of the liver. If we come to know about it in the initial stage, then we can also eliminate it through yoga. Know which yoga asanas we should do in liver cancer, which are beneficial.

Yoga is necessary to keep the liver healthy in cancer

Liver becomes weak in liver cancer. Due to this the functioning of the liver is affected. If we do Naukasana, Bhujangasana, Kapalbhati and Ustrasana yoga asanas, it will strengthen the liver. Keeping the liver strong is very important in liver cancer. Because our body gets nutrients through the liver. If it is affected by liver cancer, then our body will not be able to work. If the liver is weak then we will get sick soon. Cancer medicine or treatment will also not affect it. Yoga asanas and exercise are beneficial in preventing diseases. But before doing them, every patient should take medical advice from his level.

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Liver becomes strong by doing Bhujangasana

Yoga instructors say that Bhujangasana strengthens the liver. If your liver is weak then you can strengthen the liver by doing Bhujangasana. Bhujangasana can also be effective in curing liver problems. By doing Bhujangasana at the time of cancer, the function of the liver remains fine.


  • lie down on your stomach
  • Keep the legs stem in this state, keep a little gap in it
  • Bring both the hands close to the chest and rest the palm down
  • Taking a deep breath, lift the parts up to the navel and try to look up
  • Remain in this posture for some time and keep breathing normally, now while exhaling come to the previous posture.
  • can do this three to four times

You can keep the liver fit by doing Naukasana:

According to experts, it is important to keep the liver healthy in case of liver cancer. For this we should go boating. In this posture, your body becomes like a boat. That is why this posture is called Naukasana. By doing this you can keep the liver healthy. Liver cancer patients must consult a doctor before doing it, as well as doing it under the supervision of a yoga instructor will be of great benefit.


  • To do this asana, come in the posture of Shavasana.
  • Slowly join the heel and toe of the foot, after that both the hands are close to the waist.
  • keep neck and palm straight
  • Raise neck and arm with both feet
  • In the process of this asana, the entire weight of your body will remain on the hips.
  • Do this yoga for thirty seconds, then come back to the posture of Shavasana.

Doing Kapalbhati regularly keeps the liver healthy and strong.

Experts say that by doing this yoga asana, the liver remains healthy and strong. Kapalbhati gives great relief during liver cancer. This also reduces stress. It also cures stomach problems. There are three types of Kapalbhati which are Chandra Kapalbhati, Surya Kapalbhati and Normal Kapalbhati. Doing any one of these asanas of Kapalbhati is good for the health of the liver. Shoulder, chest should not move in Kapalbhati. The stomach will just be inside out. This should be done for seven to 10 minutes.


  • Sit down first
  • Make chitta mudra with both hands and keep it on both your knees
  • In this asana, there is no exhalation of the breath through the nose, the breath is to be exhaled rapidly (exhaling rapidly, it can be called)
  • While doing this asana, many people give a blow to the chest while exhaling, but you do not have to jerk in the chest.
  • Shoulder, chest should not move in Kapalbhati, stomach will just be inside out
  • Keep doing this continuously for a few minutes, it should be done for seven to 10 minutes.

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Liver remains healthy by doing Ustrasana

Yoga instructor Magan explains that doing Ustrasana makes the liver healthy. By doing this the liver works well. Ustrasana is beneficial for many health problems. Liver functioning becomes good. If there is liver cancer then this asana should be done daily. But before doing this, you should consult with your doctor and talk to a yoga instructor. Doing this yogasana according to their guidelines is beneficial for health.


  • To do this asana, sit in the posture of Vajrasana.
  • After this, stand with the support of the knee
  • Now while taking a deep breath, bend backwards, while bending, hold the heel of the left foot with the left hand and the heel of the right foot with the right hand.
  • In this sequence your face will be upwards
  • In this position, give the full weight of your body on hands and feet.
  • Stay in this posture for sometime and keep breathing normally
  • After some time come back to the previous position
  • Do this asana five to six times

Advice of doctor and yoga instructor is important:

The things mentioned in the article are for information only. If you have liver cancer, then do these asanas only after consulting a yoga instructor and doctor. Because not every posture suits everybody. By taking information about your health, experts can give you information about how to do yoga.

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