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What You Need To Understand If Building Mobile App For First Time?

Today, the world seems to be operating on the app. Ever since the time mobile apps have been known to boost the profitability of the business, all entrepreneurs have been in a race to take advantage of it.  So, if you’re a well-established business with a good mobile app development budget, you can hire a mobile app development agency to get started with your app if you are thinking to building mobile app for first time.

But are they just having sufficient funds enough for the success of a mobile app?

Well, No! Professional mobile app development company requires much more than just funds. Of course, the cost factor is something that cannot be neglected, but the quality of the application matters most.

It should have all modern features and a flawless user experience.

Just look at the top-notch applications like Goibibo, Netflix, Google Assistant, Cortona. They’re all developed using the blend of the latest and modern technologies like AI, Machine learning, VR, AR to improve the overall success of the mobile experience.

So, whenever any user lands on your app, the very first thing they notice is your app UI, app features, and its performance. If your app lacks this, the user abandonment rate is bound to increase. This blog post talks about what factors contribute towards the success of a mobile app + the key features that satiate the user needs. So, let’s explore and get started.

What Factors Contribute To The Success Of A Mobile App?

Below are a few factors a professional mobile app development company keep in mind to make your app a huge success. You can even hire mobile app developers from the leading software companies that would help you to make an app a huge success.

1) The App Should Have A Strong USP

Make sure your app has a strong USP. What makes your app unique will define its success. Let’s consider UrbanClap. It started with leveraging home services in multiple domains like plumbing, electrician, beauty service, and more. The unique business model is something that made UrbanClap a huge success.

2) Your App Should Solve User Pain Points

A mobile app is an extended service that you leverage to your userbase. So, make sure it solves their problem areas. With so many successful apps available in the market, identify what problem areas your app is targeting. The slightest difference between the two apps can distinguish you. For e.g., If you offer a car parking solution at malls and add a car locator feature, it will make your app more usable amongst users.

3) User-Centric

When your app gets launched in the market, think about its potential user base and understand their characteristic. This will help you to build a user-centric app so that you can attract more active users, which indirectly means more engagement and traffic.

What Should Top Features be Incorporated To Build a Successful Mobile App?

1) Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Applications that are available across multiple platforms are highly appreciated. So, if you’re a startup, going for the cross-platform mobile app would be more recommended since native app development may prove to be a costly affair. You can opt for Native or Angular frameworks to build successful apps that give a native-like feel and saves cost too.

2) Incorporating Latest Technology

Today modern applications offer more convenience in their mobile apps. The latest tech stack like AI, AR, VR, machine learning leverages not only maximum user satisfaction but also aid industry domains to handle business efficiently. Using data science techniques can help them to predict sales and demand, while AI-powered chatbots can save manpower resources. All in all, these latest tech standards are the future of successful yet smart mobile apps.

3) Do Not Miss Out on Personalization

Users love to interact with apps that can personalize their home screen as per their needs. Almost 70% of the users expect the app to personalize their experience. Notifications, themes, color, texts, search results are a few ways to personalize mobile apps as per the user requirements. If you want to build a successful mobile app, a user profile is the best tool since it showcases user behavior much louder.

4) Encourage Customization

One of the success factors of a mobile app is to ensure that your users feel secure and comfortable while using the application. Help them to customize the app the way they want. Allow them to pick colors, text styles, font size, and let them set their security standards by letting them set privacy modes.

5) Offline Feature

Though your app might leverage a fantastic user experience. But what if there’s a lack of network connectivity? Regardless of how demanding your app is, if your users are finding connectivity issues, it will be uninstalled soon. Integrating offline mode for apps that allow users to at least browse already loaded pages would not only make your app successful but will increase your user engagement ratio.

I hope the above key factors will help you build a strong, successful, and powerful app. Is your app rank in the top charts of the Play store? I’d love to hear how you made it happen. Do let us know in the comments section below.

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