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What to Pack When Leaving For University Accommodation

When it is time to go to university, the excitement can get overwhelming. It is one of the most amazing times in a student’s life and you must enjoy it thoroughly. Right from receiving the acceptance letter to choosing your student accommodation, every step is hectic but enjoyable. Packing things is one of the most difficult tasks you have to go through, as you need a lot of research. When you start looking for accommodation, ensure you make a note of everything that comes along with it. Obviously, you do not want to end up carrying extra things along and regret them later. 

There are plenty of things you can think of taking with you when moving to your new accommodation, but before you start packing ask yourself “Do I really need this?” Always keep in mind that most of the things can be bought in the city so there is no requirement to stuff your bag with toilet paper or your favorite snacks which you need to refill again and again. 

So, Where Do You Start? 

First of all, don’t start too late. You don’t want to be stressed packing last minute when you could have enjoyed some time with your parents or friends. It is always a great way to make a list and work on it to ensure you have added everything you need but not overdo it. Break down the list into main categories like Kitchen, Bathroom, Electrical, Miscellaneous, etc. This will make the procedure smoother. 

Let’s Make A List! 

Wardrobe Essentials: Most of the luggage is going to be full of your everything clothing items, shoes, and accessories. So, pack the essentials wisely. Depending on the weather in the city, you should pack your clothes. If you are moving to student accommodation Dresden, then you need to pack a variety of clothes. In Dresden, the summers are warm and the winters are quite cold. The driest months are February, March, and April but you can expect rain in the months of July and August. You will need something to wear during the transitional weather period to avoid catching a cold. Alongside, you need a set of formal clothes and shoes to wear for a university event or an interview. Don’t carry along too much as you will probably be shopping there too.

Kitchen essentials: This is the danger zone for over-packing. Pack kitchen utensils according to your room type. However, you can always keep your small cutlery set, plate and bowl, cups, scissors, knife, and lunch box. You can co-ordinate with your new flat mates to see what else you need to carry.

Bedroom Essentials: Like kitchen items, your accommodation will provide you with some basic items. From duvets to bed sheets, you will find it all in your new accommodation. Although it is always wise to ask your accommodation provider about the accompaniments. However, you can always carry things that have an emotional quotient attached to them. A family/friend picture frame, your favorite stuffed animal, or any gift given by your parents, etc. can make your new home more friendly. You can bring decorative items to spruce up your room as per your liking.

Documents: Remember to carry all the necessary documents you need when you are away from home. The list of documents you must carry includes your passport, university enrolment papers or confirmation letter, medical history, passport photos, accommodation documents, student finance documents, bank details and cards, student discount cards, Covid vaccination card, etc. Kindly put all the documents in a folder, as you don’t want to lose any. 

Electronics: One of the most essential items on the list these days are electronics. Your laptop, phone, headphones, speakers, and chargers are some of the essential items you must carry along with you. Personal care gadgets such as hairdryers, straighteners, epilators, shavers, etc. are also important as you can’t afford to go to a salon on a regular basis. Students sometimes forget to carry their accessories along with their electronics, so add them in your list.

Bathroom essentials: Some of these may depend on whether you have an en-suite room or you are using a shared bathroom. You need some of the basic essentials like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, towel, hairbrush, nail cutter, sanitary products, personal supplies like prescription medication, contact lens solution, first-aid kit, etc. However, you can buy bathroom essentials once you reach your destination. You need not carry all the products along with you. If you are a female and like make-up, don’t forget to add it to your list. 

So, here was some of the major items you need to pack for your University. You can add more products or minus some products according to your needs and preference. However, start making the list one month before so that you don’t end up missing your favorite items at the end. 

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