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What is the Purpose of the Logo Design and Why is it Important?

What is the Purpose of the Logo Design and Why is it Important?

Logo designs are everywhere. I look around me now, and I can easily count at least 10 different logo design without much effort . That scattered where we go, rooted in our culture and way of life. They influence our decisions, communicate and represent company values, and are often full of meaning But really … what is the purpose of the logo, and why is it important? This is something that photographers and business owners really need to understand before they can work on owning their products.

What is the Purpose of the Logo Design?

The main role of logo identification … Remember this, as it goes with every other advice you will ever hear. Identification is the key. That’s all.

Trends come and go, design tools and techniques will change, what we see as a logo may change dramatically over time, but forever one of the most important goals of a logo will always be this – identifying the person, product, business or service you design.

This means that, as a designer (or business owner), before working on any ideas you need to fully understand the place where the brand will appear. Who competes for the products and what do they look like? What colors and symbols are already dominated by established competition? How can we separate the logo so that the business stands out from the crowd?

Logo Design is a Strategic Tool – Not an Art.

Logo design is not an art ? Too many people make the mistake of claiming it as art as logos are a reality.Our role as designers is not to design the object of beauty . So they do not want  to design something that we or the customer like to look like. But rather the design of the logo needs to be treated as a smart business tool that will allow the company to be identified. the great world in which we live. Yes, the logo may still look good, but that should be the second factor in designing a logo. Identification will begin.

Logo Design Does Not Require Hidden Meanings

Designers (including me) usually aim to complete a logo full of meaning from the beginning, however, this is not necessary – the focus should be on identification. Any description or association will come with time through the logo.

Why are logos important in the world?

logo design

They are the face of a business, product or service

If you take a picture of a business in your mind, you will immediately see the logo, be it the golden bowls of a famous fast food company, or a bitter apple representing one of my favorite technical products.

Likewise, when you see a familiar brand, as you did with the Nike and Apple logs above. You will quickly associate it with your memories, your experiences, and your interaction with the product.

Establish Quick Brand Recognition

A well-designed logo will be remembered, helping customers remember the product.

Shapes and colors are easier for the human brain to process and memorize than words. This means that if your identity is different from the market place it is easy to find and identify the company again so you can buy its services, and recommend it to friends.

Create a Good First Impression

With so many businesses in the world, the company has one chance to impress and attract. If the design of the logo fails to impress viewers in today’s Internet-driven world it is much easier to get somewhere.

Some business owners go down the DIY route, or use inexpensive beginner designers, not realizing how dangerous a bad design can be to them if the first impressions are too important.

I love the saying ‘nothing costs more than a cheap design’. We summarize the losses caused by a company by adopting a cheaper and faster route.

Talk about brand values ​​and additional definitions. Although the main purpose of the logo is to identify, it can also be used to communicate important product messages and prices. Just make sure you keep it simple … properly stick to one main idea.

By truly understanding the role of logo design, you will be able to build a strong brand identity that will work for the business, rather than just create a beautiful image.


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