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What is the ideal BMI for women according to the BMI chart?

An ideal BMI for Women

The BMI or Body Mass Index is a calculation that determines how healthy a person’s weight is depending on their height and weight. An ideal BMI for women lies in the healthy weight category.

BMI calculator for women measures if a woman is underweight or overweight and tells about the ideal BMI for women. An ideal BMI for women is a valuable indication of health at the population level.

On the other hand, it has certain limitations because it does not directly detect the volume of body fat distribution. Because it’s natural for your body to store energy in the form of fat, however, depending on where your body stores fat, too much or too little might raise your risk of sickness and disease. Moreover, it is an indirect calculation of health risks that may lead to severe medical conditions later.

BMI Calculator for Women

The BMI  for women is used to calculate body fat percentage based on their weight and height. It usually determines whether body weight is accurate for their height. The results of the BMI calculator are divided into five categories: underweight, normal, overweight, obese, and severely obese. An ideal BMI for women puts them in the healthy or normal weight category. However, being underweight or obese might put you at risk for serious health issues. The BMI chart and BMI calculator are provided solely for educational reasons.

BMI Chart

The BMI chart is required to compare the values generated from the BMI calculator to the BMI chart. It will tell you how much fat is present in your body and how many calories you need to burn to achieve an ideal BMI for women. It will help you to stay fit and healthy.

The values might signify several things. According to the BMI chart, overweight or obesity refers to a higher weight than a healthy weight for a certain height. However, underweight is a weight that is less than the healthy weight for a specific size. A high BMI can suggest excessive body fatness, whereas a low BMI might indicate insufficient body fatness.

Health Risks Associated with a High BMI

An ideal BMI for women categorizes them into healthy weight division. Moreover, those who are obese with BMI higher than or equal to 30 have more risk factors in reducing weight. Therefore, even a minor weight loss (between 5% and 10% of current weight) can significantly reduce the chance of acquiring obesity-related disorders. Thus, the dangers of being overweight with a lazy lifestyle will put you at the hazard of life-threatening diseases. Such as:

  • Diseases of heart and blood circulation
  • Gallbladder problems
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • Diabetes type 2
  • Osteoarthritis and other joint pains
  • Colon and breast cancers
  • Depression and other mental health issues

Benefits of BMI Calculator

The BMI calculator is a valuable and quick tool to examine your weight. In addition, the healthcare providers may use it in combination with other health measures to estimate an ideal BMI for women. BMI chart and BMI calculator are among the most effective, simple, and affordable ways medical researchers can study obesity in the general population.

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