What is a Wash and Fold Service?

You have seen them around. The sign is always there. Fold and Washing is one of the services provided by most large companies.

Process Of Working

Many of the new businesses are using the wash and fold service as a means of doing business. How does it work? They have designated a person or persons to come into your establishment and “wash” your garments, while you “fold” your clothes. The customer goes into the washroom, and they are allowed to go outside on the curb, or on the parking lot. The employees then fold the garments and store them in the appropriate location.

This type of service can be a very good idea, assuming that your location receives traffic well. Obviously, if people never use your washroom, it will not do you any good! Some hotels offer this type of service to their customers. Some motels do this for their guests. These businesses could be very profitable, if they worked out well.

It would take some creative business planning to figure out how to start such a service at your place of business. You would need to figure out where to put the fold down service station. There are several considerations that need to be made here.

One of the first things you need to decide on, is whether or not you would want the customers to store their garments inside the machine, or if you would want them to bring their garments into the washroom? If you had customers who brought their garments into the washroom, you would have a problem. The customers would simply enter the facility and leave, taking all of their clothes along with them. However, if they stored their garments in the wash, then you would still have a problem.

Solve Storage Problem

To solve the storage/disposal problem, you would need to add a washing machine to the area. This would be a much smaller unit than the one described above. It would be placed in a corner of the space. It would not be able to handle too many garments at one time. Since the area is small, you would not be able to fill it quickly. It would take a while for each customer to walk into the wash area, load their garments into the machine, and walk out the door.

There are some disadvantages to the wash and fold service. The largest one is the cost involved in setting up the business. If you were looking to start such a service, and you had little money to invest, you might find it difficult to operate.

Affordable Rates 

You can also find some people who will give a wash and fold service to you for a fee. This can be more affordable than starting your own business, and it allows you to serve people in an area that you normally would not. Before choosing to use this service, make sure you know everything there is to know about it. Find out if it would be better for you to start your own business, or if this wash and fold option is the best fit for your needs.

A wash and fold service begins by folding up the clothes in the customer’s own clothesline. The customer then puts their clothes into a large suitcase that the staff then transports to the washing area. Customers can then put their luggage in a waiting area for when they get ready to have their luggage washed. Once all of the luggage is washed and folded, customers can load their luggage and walk out the door.

Advantage For Traveler

The service has a long list of reasons that customers could choose to use it. For instance, some people will travel for business, but will be doing so on an airline’s plane. Passengers on these flights will not likely want to carry all of their clothes with them, so using this service would be the perfect solution. Other customers may have seasonal homes where they cannot store their clothing in the winter.

What is a wash and fold service, then, also works because there are limits on storage. The limit is on the amount of times the clothes can be stored before they are to be folded. Clothes can be stored for up to four days before they have to be folded. In some cases the customer can store their clothes for a week or two, but not more than four. The amount of time that the store has to store the clothing depends on the length of the trip, the size of the suitcase, and the number of clothes being folded.

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