What is a Roller Chain Sprocket?

A roller chain sprocket is also known as a single-strand sprocket. A roller chain sprocket is mainly used in moving the conveyors. Roller chain sprockets are simply put on any wheel with the teeth that are connected with a chain. In certain cases, the chain runs in conjunction with a perforated material or a track.

The strings of teeth that are adjusted close to the central bore are applied to the roller chains for moving conveyor and machinery much more efficiently. The most common roller chain sprockets that we all have seen are the ones that are used in different types of bicycle chains.

Though it is used in several kinds of machinery, it is also used in vehicles like motorcycles, printing press, tracked systems, carts, conveyors, and others. The shock-absorbing capacity, along with the least torque, makes it a reliable drive system.

Just imagine all the machinery that chain driven. Now contemplate the sprockets are driving all those chains. These sprockets are exposed to extreme climates, harsh wash downs, corrosive environments, and strong impacts of loads that result in destroying shear teeth and keyways.

Roller Chain Sprocket
Roller Chain Sprocket

Steps to follow in order to maintain the smooth functioning of a Roller Chain Sprocket

  • Few things to remember when installing a roller chain sprocket
  • The friction that is created between the bushing and the pin is one of the primary reasons for chain lengthening. The roller chains come as pre-lubricated with lubricants preventing any rust developments. So when you are installing it, keep in mind not to clean or wipe the oil out of it.
  • And also, don’t allow the sprocket to come in contact with any object or the floor where there is a presence of dust.
  • The right time to get the roller chain sprockets replaced
  • When you observe a crack on either side of the link plate
  • If you find the chain has become rusty
  • When you see there is some sort of uncertain movements with the chain
  • And also when you observe any sort of deformation on the pin.
  • Regular cleaning of roller chain sprocket and as well as lubrication

It is very important and necessary to protect the roller chain sprocket from all types of moisture and dirt. It is also very important to lubricate it at regular intervals with the proper lubricant. Do not use and heavy oil for lubrication as they are very stiff and can harm the proper functioning of the chain.

It is very important to see that the lubricant exceeds the bearing area, so it is important to oil in between the link plates.

It is also very important for periodic chain maintenance in order to attain ultimate vitality. If you have installed the roller chain sprocket perfectly, then approximately, it will last for around 15,000 hours.

At the same time, it is also essential to follow a routine inspection and a day-to-day inspection. Doing all these would ensure the smooth running of the roller chain sprocket for a longer span of time without facing any major difficulties.

To Conclude

It is very necessary to keep your roller chain sprocket in the bag or box as it comes packed until you are installing it. This is done so that it does not come in contact with dust or with any type of foreign particles. The pre-lubricated chain sometimes is not able to withstand specific weather conditions.

The lubrication used on the chain would not stand up to a few conditions. Like when you are using a roller chain sprocket in an area nearby the sea. So it is very important to follow the process of smooth functioning mentioned above.

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