What does hourly office cleaning consist of?

 Are you thinking of hiring an hourly office cleaning agency? This possibility may have crossed your mind, but worry no more because SCS Group brings you all the details about office cleaning by the hour.

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Tips to keep your office cleaning to the highest standard

Any office or office must comply with minimum levels of hygiene. The need increases with a space in which people coexist daily.

A workplace must have a minimum of cleanliness and order to ensure that employees work comfortably and without problems.

Employees spend more hours at work than at home, and for this reason, we want to give you a series of tips that will help you comply with hygiene levels and ensure a good atmosphere in the office.

Hire a cleaning company

An office cleaning company has qualified professionals to properly clean an office.

These companies know which are the best products, techniques, and machinery to carry out cleaning.

The cleaning services of a specialized company comprise removing all the dirt and disinfecting furniture, bathrooms, and workstations.

Reconcile cleaning with working hours

It is important to select a schedule that does not influence the work of the employees, so the process will be much faster.

Set the frequency of office cleaning

The need for cleaning will depend on the number of employees in the office. A good cleaning frequency is about two days per week.

But it is advisable that at least once a month you resort to deep cleaning. We refer to washing the curtains, cleaning sofas, armchairs, and carpets; removing dust from fans or air conditioning and improving the appearance of the floor or furniture with special products.

Make workers aware

It is very important that employees have their own hygiene so as not to influence the office environment.

It is also necessary that there is a minimum of order and cleanliness in each workstation in order to avoid unnecessary things. This task is the responsibility of the employee.

If the office is large, it is advisable that the corridors are free of obstacles.

Be attentive to all surfaces

It is advisable to pass a cloth over all the surfaces of the desks, shelves, and furniture each time cleaning is to be carried out.

If we made the furniture of wood, we recommend you use a special product to avoid wax or silicone sprays.

Disinfect electronic devices

Computer or television screens are very sensitive to touch and need to be cleaned with specific products.

Keyboards, mice, and phones are hotbeds for contagious diseases. For this reason, we should clean these items with a cloth that is practically dry or slightly damp with a product that is not harmful.

Use good products that are not toxic

When you carry out cleaning work in the office, it is essential that you use cleaning products that do not affect the health of the employees.

A good ally is baking soda powder to eliminate odors in carpets and upholstery, clean delicate materials, and reduce possible odors in rubbish bins.

What are the advantages of hourly office cleaning?

Office cleaning by the hour is a very tempting choice and you have to value it when you are going to consider hiring a cleaning by the hour.

Surely you have heard of housecleaning by the hour, but did you know you can also hire office cleaning by the hour? At SCS Group we bring you all the advantages of this type of hourly cleaning.

Flexibility when hiring hourly cleaning

If what you are looking for is a service that adapts to your company, office cleaning by the hour is what you need.

Each week you can choose the days for the cleaning company staff to come to your office. Thus, they can leave your company in the best state you can imagine, and they can sanitize the bathrooms twice a week.

One reason to hire office cleaning by the hour is when there are few people working in your company and you are also traveling very often. It is then, that you have the possibility of hiring cleaning service companies.

The budget fits your pocket

Office cleaning by the hour will be quite useful to you because you can hire it when you can and pay for it when you need it. You decide when they come to clean your company and for how long.

How much does an hourly office cleaning cost?

Each company has its budget, therefore, before hiring an hourly office cleaning service, find out about the prices of cleaning companies in Sydney.

To be more exact in calculating the price of cleaning per hour, we would have to take two more factors into account:

  • if the company offers cleaning products and tools.
  • The travel distance that the professional has to reach the office.

Aspects to consider when cleaning offices by the hour

  • Competition. There are a lot of cleaning companies out there, and the only difference you will have at first is the price. Inform yourself well about the services offered by these companies to hire one that suits your needs.
  • Machinery and technology. Keep in mind that the type of machinery that each cleaning company has will influence the price.
  • Qualified staff. The best cleaning companies are those that handle training and teaching their workers. Office cleaning agencies that spend money on training, get high customer satisfaction and that allows them to increase the price a little more.

When hiring a cleaning company, you will not only have to analyze the cheapest price but also the relationship between quality and price.

It is a good option to have an hourly office cleaning service, and there are many services that you can have paying only when you need it.

But, it is also possible that you have a reliable office cleaning company to call, at SCS Group you can count on all our services and with full confidence.

Office cleaning is a very important task that you cannot ignore and much less leave in the hands of just anyone if you want to preserve the health of your employees and keep the facilities in perfect condition for a long time.

At SCS Group they committed us to each client. We have the best technologies and quality office cleaning services at affordable prices for every pocket.

We offer you different hourly cleaning services, although we are also specialists in cleaning buildings, hospitals, garages, schools, etc. For more information, contact us. We will wait for you!



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