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What are Pom Pom Flowers called?

The Pom pom is an ornamental flowers which belongs to the carnation family. It is also known as the Japanese crocus, Indian crocus or the dwarf crocus. The pom pom has bright yellow petals that are covered with soft white hairs. They have a sweet fragrance and are used for decoration.

Origin Of The Name

The word ‘pom pom’ is derived from the French word ‘pomme de terre’ which means earth apple. This name was given to the pom pom because it looks like a small apple.

Where To Buy

You can buy pom poms in any flower shop. You can also buy them online from the websites like

Possible Uses

The pom pom is use in a wide range of applications. It can be use in wedding decorations, home décor and also in party decorations.

Pom pom flowers are use in making the pom pom wreaths. They are also use in making the pom pom bouquets and pom pom garlands. The pom pom is also use in the decoration of cakes, desserts, and cookies.

How To Make Pom Pom Flower Wreath?

Making the pom pom wreath is a simple process and it is a great way to decorate your door or window. All you need to do is to make the pom poms in different shapes. You can use pom pom flowers, ribbon and even thread.

Make A circle

All you need to do is to start with a big circle. You can make the circle using paper or even wood. Then add the pom poms in the circle and make the wreath.

Add A bow

Once you have made the wreath, you can add a bow to it. You can also use ribbon to make the bow.

Decorate The Wreath

Once you have completed your work, you can add some pretty ornaments to your wreath. You can use the pom pom flowers, ribbons, glitter and other ornaments.

How Do You Take Care Of Pom Pom Flowers Plant?

Flowers are beautiful and the beauty lies in its color and shape, but what happens when the flower dies. It will just waste and become a useless thing.

So, if you have a pom pom flower, then you should not leave it to die. If you are using it for decoration, then you should take good care of it and keep it alive. The pom pom flowers are very delicate and they need special attention. Here are the tips to take care of pom pom flowers:

Use A Good Quality Water

Don’t use tap water to clean the pom pom flowers because it will not be a good choice. You should use a good quality water to clean the pom pom flowers.

Use A Good Quality Soap

A good quality soap will remove all the dirt and bacteria from the pom pom flower.

Use A Good Quality Cleaner

If you are cleaning your pom pom flowers, then you need to use a good quality cleaner.

Keep It In The Fridge

If you are keeping the pom pom flowers in a refrigerator, then you should keep them in a bowl filled with water.

Clean It Once In A While

If you are using a flower to decorate your home, then you should keep it clean and in good condition. The best thing that you can do is to clean the pom pom flowers once in a while.

Are Pom Pom Flowers Deer Resistant?

Yes, Pom pom flowers are deer resistant and no, the deer don’t eat the pom poms. They are very beautiful and the deer are not interested in them. As we know that the deer is the most destructive animal and they eat everything in the forest. Pom pom flowers are one of the best flower that the deer won’t eat.

How Do You Make A Pom Pom Flower?

Pom poms are the most popular and common party decorations. The kids love to make these colorful and cute flowers which are a great party decoration. These are easy to make and you can make them in different shapes and sizes.

What you will need?

You will need a large bowl of water and some foam pieces.

Steps to make a pom pom flower

Take a piece of foam and dip it in the bowl of water.

Then, you will need to tie a knot in the end of the foam.

Now, you will need to tie a knot and then cut the foam.

Now, you will need to cut the foam into small pieces.

Now, you will need to soak the foam pieces in the water.

Now, you will need to take out the foam pieces from the water.

After that, you will need to wrap the foam pieces in a yarn.

Finally, you will need to tie a knot in the end of the yarn.

Now, you will need to tie another knot and cut the yarn.


There are many ways in which you can make your pom pom wreath. So, try to make your own pom pom wreath. Here, I have given you a simple guide on how to make a pom pom flower. It is easy and simple to make. You will be surprised to know that this is the easiest method to make a pom pom flower.

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