Ways To Start An Import-Export Business From India To Dubai Freezone

Company setup in Dubai is a significant part of the economy. Economic Development in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been bolstered by import and export to and from foreign markets.

The most sought-after company license type in Dubai is the Import-Export business license, allowing investors to promote worldwide commerce by existing in the United Arab Emirates. Imports to the UAE are dominated by food, precious metals, machinery, and equipment.

Key Features of a Dubai Import-Export Business

To undertake any local or international commerce in Dubai Freezone Company Setup, an Import Export company license is required. Because of its enormous commercial infrastructure and logistical assistance, the United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular sites for international entrepreneurs wishing to expand their import-export businesses.

In the United Arab Emirates, there is a rising need for import and export companies and growing demand from the local people. The Asian and African markets for a wide range of commercial items.

The UAE Customs and Free Zone Company Registration Dubai has created restrictions for trade enterprises operating to simplify the import-export procedure.

Ways To Start an Import-Export Business In Dubai

Decide On a Trading Strategy

Before a company setup in Dubai, you need to figure out precisely what you want to sell. The sort of license you need will be affect by this. A general trading license is your best option if you’re going to deal in a wide range of unrelated products, such as anything from vehicle components to shoes.

Import and export business opportunities abound in Dubai, even if you’re unsure what products to sell or buy to begin trading. In addition to jewelry, automobile and aircraft components, food and beverage items, cosmetics, and clothing, the UAE imports, and exports various goods.

Name Your Business

When naming a company in the United Arab Emirates, a few factors to consider. You must adhere to a set of naming standards here that are both simple.

To put it simply, you should refrain from using language that is obscene or profane. Avoid using acronyms if you’re calling your business after yourself, and steer clear of well-known organizations. It would help if you also ensured that the name you want to use is accessible for registration.

Decide On a Set-up

You may launch an import-export firm on the Dubai mainland or in a UAE-free zone. If you’re looking to import and export goods, freezone business setup Dubai is a great place to start. There are no other ports on the east coast of the UAE that provide direct access to the Arabian Gulf, Indian subcontinent, or Africa, such as Fujairah Port. This is approximately 15 minutes away from Fujairah Creative City.

In addition, all import and export taxes are completely waived in free zones. There are no currency restrictions or limitations on capital or profit repatriation.

But if you want to deal directly with the Dubai Freezone Company Setup market, you’ll need a local partner—something that mainland corporations are not compel to do.

Obtain Licenses

In the UAE, you may apply for a trade license directly to the Department of Economic Development (DED) or municipality in your selected emirate or the controlling authority of one of the several free zones. A specialist in the business formation may assist you with this stage, coordinating the complete application procedure on your behalf in both circumstances.

How and where you set up shop as a general trading company in Dubai will impact the paperwork you’ll need to get your firm up and running. However, in the majority of circumstances, you will be require to submit the following information:

  • Submitted the required paperwork
  • Copies of the prospective owner(s)’ passports
  • Passport-size photographs with white backgrounds in two different colors.

To trade with the rest of the globe, you’ll need to be aware of customs rules. To avoid paying import and export taxes, you must seek an import code from the Federal Customs authorities, even operating in a free zone.

The customs department of the emirate where you want to open a business may provide you with your registration code.

In most circumstances, you’ll be asked to submit the following:

  • A copy of your general business license is required.
  • Passport photocopy
  • The details of your trades


Additionally, you may apply for any necessary visas for yourself and your staff as you apply for a Free Zone Company Registration Dubai. A UAE business formation professional may assist you with this stage once again.

You may sponsor the visas of others if you have a UAE business license. Domestic workers like housekeepers might also be include in this group.

Depending on your company’s size, structure, and personal profits, you may be able to apply for as many visas as you like.

Interaction of a Free Zone Enterprise with an Emirati Business

It is necessary that the importer has an importer code and that the items imported match those listed in the company’s trade license. Following customs clearance, goods must arrive at their final destination within 72 hours.

In order to enter the freezone business setup dubai, goods must first be inspect by Customs.

In order to keep products in the Freezone warehouses for trade in the UAE market, the Customs-Clearance Letter must be present to the Freezone Authority.

It is necessary for a Free Zone company that wants to do business in the UAE to hire a local distributor. This build a branch office on the mainland, or export their products to a mainland firm by UAE Customs laws.

Free Zones are free from customs duties when delivering your products to the United Arab Emirates for import/export operations.

Dubai is a great spot to establish a trading firm since it is easy to do so. It’s an effortless and straightforward procedure. While Dubai’s free zones are located within its borders, the United Arab Emirates customs area does not include them. To do business and Dubai Freezone Company Formation, they must adhere to a set of rules and regulations.

The Dubai import-export license costs take into account several additional variables. There are two costs associate with getting a trade license. When opting for Dubai Freezone Company Formation Consider taxes if you’re importing products to sell in the local market. Taxes on items that move from a free zone into the local market are 5% (though this can be more on certain products).

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