Understanding The Types and Uses of Farm Equipments

Farm equipment is surely evolving because of technology, wider farms require bigger and faster equipment therefore, the usual hand plows, manual planting of seeds, and other handheld tools are not anymore efficient in farms that is why manufacturers now have tractors, utility vehicles, and combine harvesters to run a farm. In this article we will look at the three main farm equipment and what their uses are.

Enormous and Versatile Tractors

When tractors were invented, major improvement in the farm industry happened due to the tractors’ potential work that can be done in a short period of time. Tractors are big and every farm surely has to have one. Tractors can have different attachments meant for different jobs. 

Here are examples of tractor attachments:

Hole makers

Is used to make holes for the seed to be planted, once there are holes, seed-planting attachment is needed. 

Seed planters

Of course having the holes ready for planting, you don’t need to plant them one by one by yourself. This is because there is a tractor attachment made to plant seed simultaneously.


Plows before are small hand tools used to scatter and distribute the soil properly for the seeds to have a healthy host. Before, you have to plow the soil all by yourself but now, thanks to technology, there are different plow attachments for your tractor to plow multiple soils all at the same time.


These are attachments that divide the soil proportionately so that the plant they will grow will not overlap and take each other’s nutrients. There are different sizes and lengths for harrows so that if you have a large farm, you can opt to get the longer ones.

Upgraded Combine Harvesters

Combine harvesters are not attachments for tractors, rather, they are a different type of vehicle whose main purpose is to harvest, as its names comply. You run over your plant (mostly wheat) and the combine harvester will pull up the wheat and be stored at the trunk or wherever the storage room of the vehicle is and you are done harvesting wheat in no time. 

Handy Utility Vehicles

We are all aware that farms can be huge and wide. So if you are to walk around it, you can get tired or worse, exposed to the sun too much. That is why small outdoor vehicles are useful around the farm. It can be used in many ways, such as carrying heavy tools and can bring you from place to place. Normal vehicles are not recommended in farms because of its tires.

Key Takeaway

Agricultural operations rely heavily on farm tools, implements, and equipment. Their availability makes the process go much more smoothly and quickly. However, even if one has the most advanced tools and implements, they are useless if one does not know how to utilize them. Before employing horticulture tools, implements, or equipment, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of how to use them. There are manuals that you should read to be guided on how farm equipment is used and maintained. You can also ask professionals or your friends about simple questions and simple executions using farm equipment. You can never be too safe in this world so always think of your safety.

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