Types of Printing Plates

Printing plates are used only for the offset printing press. Digital printers have replaced plates with advanced technology. As per your query, I can guess that you are talking about the type of printing plates that are used on offset printers. 

Offset printers still hold the largest share on the market, and it is essential for you to know about their working procedure. Different types of plates are rotated in different directions with their own function on hand. 

They have been used for centuries, and they will continue until digital printing takes over. Different components can be used for plates, but mostly metal is taken into consideration. Digital printers have indeed advanced a lot with time. 

But large printing scale has a demand for the traditional printing methods. Professional printing shop near me London ( still relies on the old printing plate technique for vast printing procedures. More on this term will be shared underneath.    

What Are Printing Plates? 

Offset printers used the printing plate technique to complete their printing task. Different types of plates are placed inside an offset printer. Their main function is to create a mirror image of the main design and print it to a surface of any kind. 

The first printing plates rotate opposite to the second one. The ink gets transferred from one to two in the rotating period. The third printing plate holds the rubber band, which collects the ink and creates a mirror image of your design. 

The plate function ends with a press on paper or any other substances. The repulsion of oil and ink is followed within the printing plates. The printing is so fast that it will be hard for you to encounter them with open eyes. 

What Role Is Being Played by the Printing Plates?

We get thousands of questions coming every single day from people all over the world. The role of printing plates on an offset printer is one of the key questions for all. Whenever some words or images printing of small scale comes into mind, digital printing comes into action. 

Well, traditional printing is opposite to the digital option and is mostly used for large-scale printing. Traditional printers are also called offset printers. They use the plate technique to print the things that you want. 

Their main function on the machine is to transform the ink into a word or image print. You need to prepare a new plate for every single design. It will then want through different cylinders and end up on a printer paper of any kind. 

You can’t imagine an offset printer without plates because they are just useless without them. They play a key role when it comes to printing on an offset printer.    

How Many Types of Printing Plates Are There in Offset Printers?

There are mainly three types of printing plates for an offset printer. The main process of the offset printer is led by them. Without them, it is impossible to imagine an offset printer at function. A broader discussion on them will be done underneath. 

Aluminum Plates

From the other two printing plate options, aluminum plates are most commonly used for regular printing. They are also known as metal plates in the broader sense. The best part of aluminum plates is their versatility. 

It is resistant to extreme measures and can take lots of workloads. In all the other printing plates, you are going to see lots of bad chemical release issues. But the same thing is not true with the aluminum plate impression. 

They are some sort of side-effect-free option when it comes to offset printers. The recycling process is also very straightforward and environment-friendly in the long run. Offset printings in London are regularly using aluminum plates for daily bulk printing treatment.   

Gravure Plates

Are you thinking about printing something close to real? Well, the gravure plates are going to be a great assist on your demand. They are known to create an accurate copy of an image or words without any detail missing. 

It would be best if you used specialized ink for the plates. They are also known as the intaglio plates at the industry level. Besides, an expert hand is needed for better function on call during the printing period. You see their use in your daily life.

Millions of newspapers are printed every single day using the gravure plates. Next time, when you see a colorful newspaper in your hand, don’t forget to thank the plates that are used for it. Only attention to detail expensive printing can afford the plate type. 

Lithographic Plates

The main function of a lithographic plate is to repel water from the ink. They are one of the most used printing plates in the industry because of their ability. In the printing process, where you don’t want the ink to approach the end line, then they are taken into use. 

When it repels water, a water film of the main printed image comes into existence. If you have chosen the offset printer for your printing function, it has a huge potential that lithographic plates will be taken into use for it, if not metal plates.

Do Digital Printers Use Printing Plates? 

Digital printers do not need any assistance with printing plates on their machine. In most cases, laser technology is taken into use for the function. You are going to see an automatic quick function when it comes to the printing of fewer than 1000 papers. 

You also don’t need to prepare any plates for your digital printing. You can just make some jpeg or pdf of the print and command it to be printed. The printing function will come to an end in no time, and the whole process will be automatic. 

Final Verdict

There can be many reasons why you might want to know about the printing plates. I hope our article has fulfilled all of them and given you some knowledge to rely on. You can walk through the process in real life and give an actual test to the described methods. 

We work in the printing world and always try to share something new with you. Our expert teams are constantly working for accurate info, and your words can help us to feel motivated. Don’t forget to check our other articles and keep coming back for more.    

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