Top 5 Features to Consider When Applying for Personal Loans

A personal loan might be your savior in times of financial emergency or extreme cash crunch because it provides instant access to funds without requiring any security. When compared to other types of loans, personal loan approvals are swift and require minimal documentation.

However, with so many options on the market, consumers may find it challenging to select the best personal loan. As a result, when taking out a personal loan, you must be cautious of the loan’s terms and circumstances. The top five qualities to look for while applying for personal loan schemes are as follows.

Personal loan amount & tenure

Before applying for a personal loan, make sure you understand your eligibility and the maximum amount you can borrow. Knowing how much you can borrow and comparing it to how much you can repay soon is the key to swiftly obtaining a personal loan. To determine your eligibility and the maximum amount you can borrow against your income, look over the personal loan eligibility criteria and use the personal loan eligibility calculator.

Check the loan duration supplied by the lender before signing the loan agreement. A shorter repayment term equals a larger EMI, which might have a negative impact on your budget and cause the loan to become a burden.

Compare interest rates & charges

Always compare the whole cost of the loan, not just the personal loan interest rates. When taking out a personal loan. Interest costs, as well as processing fees, service fees, taxes, and other fees, make up the entire cost of the loan.

It is always better to compare the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Rather than just the interest rate on a personal loan. The APR, which is given in percentage figures, represents the true actual cost of the loan, including all expenses. It is always more than the percentage of the interest rate.

Interest costs make up the majority of your repayments, therefore you should always bargain with your lender for the cheapest interest rate. Make sure you read and understand the loan details, including interest rate charges, before signing the agreement. Some lenders may charge single-digit interest rates, but when applied monthly, the yearly interest rate charges are significantly greater, making the loan a very costly prospect. Some lenders, on the other hand, impose interest rates on a yearly basis.

Documentation process

When compared to other types of loans, the personal loan documentation process is the simplest and most straightforward. PAN and address evidence, bank statements, and proof of income are all required. Additional documents may be asked for based on your profile and requirements.

To maintain transparency throughout the process, you should go over all of the documentation required for a personal loan. Documents assist the lender in approving your loan application after a successful examination of your information’s legitimacy, eligibility, and creditworthiness. They then set the loan’s terms and conditions after this.

You should carefully examine the loan’s terms and conditions, and if you have any questions, you should contact the lender. Any lender who claims to be able to provide a personal loan immediately with no paperwork is a red flag, and you should avoid taking out a loan from them.

Check the EMI

The EMIs, or Equated Monthly Installments, are the monthly payments you make to repay your personal loan. It comprises the loan’s principal as well as the interest.

The maximum personal loan repayment term is 60 months, and you have the option to pick your own repayment period. It is usually a good idea to utilize a personal loan EMI calculator to look into different repayment terms and EMI amounts. It assists you in determining the appropriate duration and EMI amount for your repayment capabilities.

Even missing a single EMI has a negative influence on your CIBIL credit score. Which can affect your loan eligibility in the future.

Penalties & Hidden charges

Most lenders nowadays actively market their loan products, promising to offer the lowest interest rate compared to others. However, before accepting a loan offer from such a lender, perform full market research on the lender and be aware of all fees. In some circumstances, lenders keep the interest rate low while increasing additional fees.

Also, be aware of the lender’s penalties in the event of default, late payments, or prepayment of the loan. This will enable you to arrange your repayments correctly, avoiding the possibility of default, which could result in higher costs and a negative impact on your credit score.


A personal loan is the simplest type of loan to obtain. But you should do your homework before applying for one. It not only keeps you from signing up for fake personal loans plan but also assists you in choosing the proper one.

It is critical to select the personal loan scheme that is most suitable for you. Rather than the most popular or the one that the lender is attempting to offer.

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