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Top 5 Best WordPress Event Plugins In 2022 | Compared

Best WordPress Event Plugins

For all kinds of businesses, event plugins are a need. Today most of the Premium WordPress Themes have an in-built event display function. But those websites that don’t have them can use plugins on their site. These Plugins assist you in displaying event calendars, allowing attendees to RSVP to events, selling tickets, adding and managing venues, and many other tasks. Numerous WordPress event plugins can be used to meet various needs. While some users would only use a plugin for a nearby writing workshop, others will need one to manage large-scale concerts. Utilizing a WordPress event plugin is intended to make managing events simpler. Finding the ideal plugin for your small business website that supports the events you’ll be hosting is ultimately necessary. Let’s examine the top WordPress event plugins you can utilize with your WordPress website.

WordPress Event Plugins

Want to advertise an event or start regularly hosting events on your website? Attempted the built-in WordPress calendar but found it lacking? If so, a WordPress event plugin might be useful. If you’re starting a business in the events industry, want to make your events more visible, or use booking as part of your strategy, WordPress event plugins are the tool you need. How can you separate the excellent from the bad WordPress event plugins when hundreds of them are available? 

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How Do WordPress Event Plugins Help?

WordPress event plugins can range from simple to feature-rich, such as adding a calendar to your website to inform visitors of future events. Ticketing features, resource and time allocation, attendee management, and email follow-up after the event may all be found in a fully working WordPress events plugin. Moreover, plugins like this can provide a range of options to handle events for websites that don’t need a full event management platform for a significantly lesser cost.

1. Events Manager: – 

Although the Events Manager plugin has a fantastic free version, you may upgrade to Events Manager Pro. For instance, the upgrade version offers you PayPal compatibility, a custom payment gateway, an API, spam prevention, coupons, and discounts. The frontend events calendar can be used to sell tickets, display a simple calendar, or display event details. The backend interface is easy enough for the typical WordPress user to utilize. I appreciate that the plugin works with your Google Calendar and iCal feed. Some widgets can also be used to display locations, complete calendars, or specific events. 

2. Event Organiser: – 

Due to its integration with WordPress built-in custom post types, Event Organiser offers an appropriate event management solution. After installing this plugin, select the appropriate custom post type to preserve the WordPress post structure while gaining control over a few extra event modules. As a result, it has an easy-to-use user interface, all the necessary capabilities, and excellent support for both one-time and recurring events. Along with this event management plugin, there are a number of premium add-ons available for purchase. One of them is named Event Organiser Pro.

It provides:

3. My Calendar: – 

Your events are presented on various websites using WordPress multisite or on as many pages as you’d like on a single website when using the My Calendar plugin. This plugin is merely a regular calendar with minimal event management. You do have the choice to upgrade, though, with some of the paid extensions and no-cost plugins. For instance, the free My Tickets plugin combines with the paid My Calendar plugin. As a result, individuals may buy tickets, RSVP, print them off, or pick them up in person using your calendar as a ticket sales operation. Allow users to add events on their own, receive payments via PayPal and, and import events from other sources.

4. WP Event Manager: – 

One of the simplest and lightest WordPress event management plugins is WP Event Manager. I can see it working for those who wish to keep their websites quick, take up minimal space, and avoid overcrowding the backend with functionality. Although this plugin is new to the event management scene, it is well-liked with excellent evaluations and better customer service. WP Event Manager offers a free, core plugin and the choice to purchase add-ons to expand your operation, similar to many of the event plugins on this list. Despite having a sleek and straightforward design, the free plugin has many useful features.

5. EventOn: – 

A premium-only WordPress event management plugin is EventOn. If you’re ready to make the purchase and avoid wasting time fiddling with a free plugin, this plugin is a real find. The EventOn plugin is one of the most aesthetically pleasing event calendars available, even at its basic level. The vibrant, contemporary list and calendar layouts outperform nearly every plugin on our list. The primary calendar page prominently displays details like dates, locations, and event cancellations. A stunning tile style also resembles a portfolio but lists all of your events instead of just a few.


One of the best components of the content management system is the WordPress plugins. They offer practically endless options to increase your audience and include new features. Event plugins for WordPress provide both of those. The process of incorporating events into your life couldn’t be simpler. There is no simpler method to share, promote, or allow others to share them. One of these WordPress event plugins can meet your needs if you want to integrate events into your business. Some of the most well-known plugins with the capabilities, costs, and customer service you require are included in the list.

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