Top 10 Deepfake Videos 2022

Deepfake videos continue to scare and entertain the internet as technology improves. They are gaining popularity as a method to fool the public with shocking changes. The use of deepfakes has become more prevalent in mainstream media, such as news and blockbuster films.

Deepfake Tom Cruise on Tiktok

Deepfakes have advanced so much recently that there’s even a TikTok account devoted entirely exclusively to Tom Cruise deepfakes. There’s a hint of the uncanny valley in the deeptomcruise videos. However, his ability to master acting and his mannerisms, along with the rapid technological advancement, has produced one of the best and most convincing fake examples. Videos demonstrate Cruise performing anything from golfing to showing the art of magic, even when it comes to cleaning his hands.

Korean Newsreader Kim Joo-Ha

A lot of the deepfake that are currently available are playful parodies or tests that test the limitations of deep-learning technology. But perhaps the most significant evidence that deepfakes are likely to be incorporated into mainstream media was in the year when Korean television station MBN offered viewers an authentic deepfake of their News anchor, Kim Joo Ha.

Wonder Woman

Remakes and reboots constitute a large part of the current film world. When new actors are chosen to play traditional roles, there is inevitably a comparison between the different roles. The clip from DeepFaker puts the actress Lynda Carter, a part of the iconic 70s Wonder Woman TV show, into the new world and outfit of Gal Gadot’s large-screen Wonder Woman – with breathtaking results.

Deepfake Roundtable

The landscape of entertainment is going through significant changes as streaming services such as Netflix compete with the huge screen to capture your interest. In this regard, Collider put together this hilarious deepfake featuring a well-known face that includes Tom Cruise, George Lucas, and Jeff Goldblum Robert Downey Jr, discussing streaming and the future of cinema.

Mandalorian Luke Skywalker Deepfake

The sight of Luke Skywalker towards the conclusion of the second season of Mandalorian sparked a frenzy among Star Wars fans. After the dust had cleared, fans quickly drew attention to the flaws they noticed in the digital rendition of an older Mark Hamill. YouTuber Shamook attempted deepfaking a Luke Skywalker, and the results were impressive.

Donald Trump Joins Breaking Bad

Certain deepfakes are created to fool viewers; however, better call Trump: Money Laundering 101 an honest parody. The video is based on an episode from the hugely popular Breaking Bad series and introduces Donald Trump as crooked lawyer Saul Goodman. The scene is where Goodman describes the fundamentals of financial crime for Jesse Pinkman, played in the show by Aaron Paul. To add a dash of authenticity Donald Trump’s son-in-law, with the deepest of fazes, Jared Kushner, takes over from Paul in the scene that is sexy, which makes the parody almost personal heart-to-heart.

Obama’s Public Service Announcement

A lot of the most convincing deepfake are made with the help of fake actors that imitate the persona of the source and their gestures, similar to this one made with the help of BuzzFeed and comedy actor Jordan Peele using After Effects CC and FakeApp. Peele’s mouth was placed over Obama’s mouth, replacing Obama’s jawline with one that mimicked the movements of his mouth. FakeApp improved video quality by more than 50 hours of auto processing.

Nancy Pelosi Slowed Down

This isn’t fake, but it demonstrates why their use is now a major concern in politics. It was Nancy Pelosi, the US House of Representatives speaker, but the video was cut down by 25%, and the tone was changed to appear as if she was slurring her words.

Zuckerberg Speaks Frankly

In Facebook’s response to the refusal to take down this video featuring Nancy Pelosi, artist Bill Posters posted the video on Facebook’s Instagram in June. The post showed Mark Zuckerberg boasting of how Facebook “owns” its users.

Salvador DalíComes Back To Life

When Agency GS&P revived the Catalan artist as a dynamic host at Dalí Museum, they pulled off the type of attention-grabbing stunt that the publicity-loving Dal would have enjoyed. They recreated the artist as if he were still alive. The interactivity of this particular case of deepfake is what makes it stand out as innovative. There is a total of 45 minutes of the film spread over 125 recordings, which enables more than 190,000 unique combinations based on the replies of individual users and even includes remarks on the current weather.

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