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Tips to Replace Home Windows Glass For Enhanced Security

When the glasses of your windows break down; you have nothing to do except to replace them completely. Only by this way you can restore your home’s security. However conducting windows glass replacement task can save a plenty of money and time if considered for long-term. Leaving things exactly like that can worse the condition of your home.

Not only will it breach the security of the home completely but also it triggers the chance of injury and accidents. Window replacement and glazing is beyond your imagination! Well, in this blog post we will share some precious tips to ensure perfect security of the home while replacing the broken windows glass in no time. So, continue reading!

Tip to home window glass replacement

Window replacement is a great feat to achieve. However, no matter how easy it sounds the task is not that easy! Often homeowners need to devote more time and money to do so. Despite of hiring any professional for the job you can also try out your hand at DIY task. While doing so the following tips can help you in most unexpected way.

  1. Ensure to remove broken glass pieces safely

Sweep to gather the shattered glass pieces at a place on the floor. Now remove them or discard them into the bin to avoid cuts and wounds during the process. While you set out for the task put on the protective gloves. After setting everything perfectly discard the excess broken glass pieces prior to replace the frame.

Never attempt to replace the frame along attached broken glass pieces as it can cause extensive damage. Also it increases the risk for injuries as well. To chip excessive putty attached to the frame use chisel or jack-knife for better removal.

  1. Remove the putty

Removal of putty from aged windows and frames is imperative for assuring that new unit is placed perfectly. In case, putty is really hard to move out then application of heat can do the work for you.

Also you can use pointed chisel or knife to draw and cut it around the frames. By this way complete removal of debris and putty stray bits is possible. Ensure that the spot where you will conduct the installation procedure is smooth to fit the new windows glass.

  1. Oil the older frames

For simple glass replacement you can make use of Linseed oil for oiling wooden parts surrounding the frame. Allow it to soak it for some time prior to carry out the remaining task. This oil promotes the longevity of the putty hence the window pane will remain in its position for long without any sort of problem.

  1. Apply a thin putty layer before replacement work

On removal of old putty and broken glass, just apply putty of a thin layer surrounding the frame. It is necessary to prepare it for installation of new window pane. Single layer is enough to install the glass securely preventing the air from passing through.

Don’t consider these tips as daunting as these are the basics of emergency windows glass repairing services. In case of any doubt, you can get in touch with the professional glazing team to opt for immediate solution appropriate for your property.

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Tricks to enhance the windows security

Reinforcing the windows will prevent your home from potential burglars. But, if you want to know how to do that, then follow the below suggestions:

  1. Use the protective film

Nowadays many homes including businesses are making an investment in getting protective films for covering the windows fully. It acts as barrier against shattering or smashing. Installation of these films is so easy. All you need to do is to hang it either from double or from single glazing. Within an instant, you can turn the windows into break-in resistant ones.

  1. Place tinted film

Sometimes tinted films are useful for creating an obstacle against prying eyes and from the people who tend to sneak peek into your home doubtfully.

  1. Opt for security roller shutters

You can install secured roller shutters and more cost-efficacious option like films for laminating the windows. It secures the windows making them completely break-proof.

  1. Place screens for window security

Place insect screens with high ability! Usually, these steel screens can withstand perfectly against excessive pressure and force protecting the windows!

  1. Install smash resistant window glass

Make the homes highly secure by reinforcing the windows for avoiding the target to break-in the home easily.

  1. Make an investment in quality locks for window

Upgrade the actual locks and install secondary locks if possible to make the windows robust and 100% secure. Deadbolts and sash locks are recent locking mechanism available for the windows.

In case of any query you must take the advice from experts of emergency glass replacement and glazing services. Also you can contact us in no time for emergency window glass replacement. We offer 24 hours emergency services enabling you to have your peace of mind. As the local company we are completely reliable for our exceptional reputation and highest standard of services.

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