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Tips For Getting Ready To Face The Challenges Of iBeacon App Development

People have never had the entire world at their fingertips like they have today. Finding almost anything nearby has become incredibly easy, bringing places and people closer together and opening up the world with iBeacon.

But, how can you use this technological revolution for your business?

Businesses have come to terms with more effective and less internet-reliant location tracking methods through iBeacons.

iBeacon App development services can develop mobile apps for your business to conduct push marketing and opt-in marketing campaigns.

iBeacon app development caters to personalization, fetching data value, boosting conversion, and offers a competitive edge. Hence, companies’ commitment to putting customers first in combination with beacon technology has turned out to be rather advantageous.

However, iBeacon app development is not easy and comes with its own challenges. Read further to know those obstacles and tips to face them.

  • Server challenges

The iBeacon app’s variables cause the server piece difficulty. 

For instance, an iBeacon app must gather information about itself, such as major and minor numbers, its UUID, and location on a floor plan. 

The app will visit your business logic script and retrieve the complete list of users as soon as it gets into contact with any beacon. This can be challenging because event updates might not be in real-time.

A Beacon App Development Company will use time-based heuristics to ascertain whether a user is still present or not swiftly. 

In addition, there are business logic scripts for statistical analysis, concluding, and identifying current trends.

  • Feature choices

The selection and completion of the appropriate features is the main obstacle in the development of the iBeacon app. To better understand what features should be included in the iBeacon app, you must be clear about what you exactly want from it.

The software can roughly determine the physical distance to the broadcasting beacon thanks to the novel features of beacon technology.

You might have a good sense of the user’s location within a specific radius if the beacon is at its recognized location. Even other objects or structures, such as a stadium or train vehicle, can be attached to beacons.

  • Challenges of triangulation and tracking 

Since there is only a one-way radio, the problem with beacon development is that there is no two-way communication. 

Client devices, however, do not get their broadcasts.

Two iBeacon app features that require a lot of attention to detail are triangulation and tracking. You must conduct testing on a variety of devices before releasing your software because even a small change in the settings can cause serious issues.

Only a fairly sophisticated iBeacon can now create a new communication pathway for mobile devices. Moreover, they can assist in returning the same data to the server.

The best strategy is to let the program run on its own during iBeacon app development

By doing so, you’ll be able to connect to the backend, update the information about registered users, and customize the application as necessary.

  • Hardware and signal issues

You must be ready to cope with radios and external signals when it comes to beacons. 

Fortunately, the iOS SDK takes care of some of the complexities associated with signal detection, decoding, error correction, and much more.

The app should be developed to make decisions based on the type, and variable information received because signal accuracy fluctuates.

  • App store challenge

Making an app live on the app store is the last step in the deployment process. As a result, effective app navigation becomes one of your toughest obstacles to overcome. 

The following suggestions can aid you in doing it well:

  • Clearly describe the features of your software in both the review notes and the public description.
  • Lay out a demo video to better represent the functionalities of the software.
  • Incorporate battery disclaimers at the end of the description.


A unique iBeacon app’s development is unquestionably very different from creating any other app. It can be helpful to use pre-built tools and client library extensions to speed up development and solve obstacles.

When using beacons, you must control user expectations and permissions while writing solid code that can withstand erratic hardware collections. 

However, professional iBeacon app development services can streamline developing the app and troubleshooting the majority of the issues.

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