The Role of Theatre and Drama in Our Society

Often taken for granted, theatre and Drama have a significant role in our society. The theatre history goes back to the ancient Greek era and has constantly evolved ever since then. Over time, we have seen various forms of performing arts with contemporary styles and themes. No matter how much theatre advances, the core idea remains constant. It is crucial to appreciate the arts and acknowledge their significance in our life. Due to theatre’s significance, many drama academies have been established, like Helen O’ Grady Singapore

To learn more about the role of theatre and Drama in our society, here are a few facts you should know. 

How Theatre and Drama Contribute Towards Society

Various forms of art have societal and cultural influences. Performing arts deliver experiences and build a connection with society to transform and become progressive. We have seen a rise in demand for speech and drama classes in Singapore, positively impacting society. Here is how theatre and Drama impact our society.

Builds Connections and Relatability

One of the biggest roles of Drama in society is connectivity among the community. There are different genres in theatre, but all are somehow relatable to the audience. A successful drama will hook the audience due to relatable emotions and situations mimicked in the story. The promotes deeper communication and impactful expressions to instill the moral of the story. 

It helps lift the moods and spirits of people. It is one of the best entertainment forms. Performing arts have a stronger impact than the recorded ones on screens. 

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Promotes Motivation and Healthy Values

Theatre and Drama have transformative power. Using these art forms, a deep script, and skilled performers can instill great values and motivation among people. Have you experienced extreme emotional strength after watching a blockbuster movie? That’s the power of performing arts. An impactful performance is created with a strong script, perfect coordination, and realistic performer expressions. Speech and drama classes in Singapore provide the best trainers that help build better expression execution. 

Behind every performance, a theme or objective is transferred through emotions and expressions. It is an effective way to promote healthy values that strengthen core societal values and unity. 

Platform to Highlight Societal Challenges

People discovered how powerful performing arts could be in highlighting societal challenges with time. Through strong scriptwriting and powerful dialogue and delivery, we can highlight the struggles of our society. Theatre is one of the compelling ways to instill behavioural changes. 

We have seen many examples where a movie or theatre is scripted based on everyday or current societal struggles. It provides a platform to build stronger communication and express daily life problems to higher authorities. It is a great form of edutainment. Theatre and Drama can bring awareness about complicated societal issues, educating people in a more impactful way. 

Endless Opportunity to Play with Creativity

When it comes to art, it’s all about creativity and imagination. There are certain prerequisites to creating a successful performance. While scripting, one should be aware of putting connectors in the story to which people can relate. Drama academies like Helen O’Grady Singapore are professionals who instill the right performing arts techniques. Their transformative lessons help students learn the art of effective communication and performance. 

Theatre and Drama unlock doors to creativity and imagination. Every story has a creative twist that comes through brainstorming and imagination. We have seen stronger personality traits in art performers, especially those who take speech and drama classes in Singapore

Connects Us with History and Its Appreciation

Performing arts takes us back through time and connects us with history. Art is known to preserve history. Drama performances depicting historical stories and facts help the audience educate themselves about previous times’ different traditions and cultures. Looking through history helps the audience to reflect and appreciate the current time and the importance of development. 

We often take for granted the blessings of digitization and automation. Learning about the struggles of previous eras can be a wow factor for the audience. 


We cannot ignore the significant role of theatre in our lives. Although the form of performing arts is constantly evolving with time, the essence will remain the same. Drama academies like Helen O’Grady Singapore continuously strive to revive and promote performing arts to bring societal change and improvement. Those in this field truly appreciate and desire the same respect for performing arts as they have it

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