The process of choosing the right motor oil for your car

Considering all the options in terms of motor oils out there, the choice of the best passenger car oil in South Africa may turn out to be a difficult task. Though there is a mountain of information out there in the market the first and simple method is to look into your cars manual. It is going to specify the intended weight, is there any form of standard format like a 10 to 30 W and it can turn out to be something unusual. The number would be an indicator of the degree of viscosity that you intend to use. Make it a point that the oil that you are purchasing should be from a reputed manufacturer.

Have an understanding of the labels

Labels are an integral feature about the container of every reputed motor oil. The symbol of API gives you an idea about the current rating of the oil. On the left there is a star burst symbol that has gone on to pass the service tests mentioned in the doughnut.


This is the resistance of fluid to the flow. The ratings of the oil are dependent upon how thick it would be at 0 degree centigrade. The motor oil is known to become runnier and thinner as it heats up ever it would cool. When it is low temperatures, oil would be resistant to excessive degree of thickening so that it can flow properly along the moving components of an engine. If the oil appears to be too thick, the engine would be requiring more levels of energy to turn on the crankshaft that would be submerged in a bath of oil. For passenger car engine oil in South Africa Viscosity is an important point of consideration.

The moment engine is running the oil is known to heat up,  and for this reason a second higher number would be important for hotter running and equally higher cases with complicated engines.

The reasons of so many oils in the market

Taking into consideration the auto spare parts, there are oils that tend to be labelled for specific purposes new cars along with higher end SUVs or cars from certain countries. There is bound to be a selection of wide range of viscosities.

If you flip through the owner’s manual, the manufacture of the vehicle would give you a suggestion to make it operational as brand new.

A popular type of oil that is existent in the market is high mileage oil. The oils of such vehicles are known to last for a longer period of time. The oil companies have gone on to figure it out as an area of consumer interest and hence would be recommending such type of oils for their own interests.Considering all the options in terms of motor oils out there, the choice of the best passenger car oil in South Africa may turn out to be a difficult task.

Once the vehicle is older and has undertaken a considerable degree of mileage, a few of the oil stains would be there on the garage floor . The engine seals around the crankshaft have to be hardened.

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