The Mauryan Empire : Ancient History of India

The Mauryan Empire became divided into four provinces with the imperial capital at Pataliputra. From Ashokan Edicts, the name of the 4 provincial capitals were Tosali (inside the east), Ujjain within the west, Suvarnagiri (inside the south), and Taxila (in the north). At the centre of the shape changed into the king who had the strength to enact legal guidelines. Kautilya advises the King to promulgate dharma when the social order primarily based on the Varnas and Ashramas (stages in existence) perishes. The Mauryan Empire was very big of Prachin Bharat Ka itihas.

The Mauryan Empire was divided into 4 provinces with the imperial capital at Pataliputra. From Ashokan edicts, the name of the 4 provincial capitals were Tosali (within the east), Ujjain in the west, Suvarnagiri (inside the south), and Taxila (inside the north). According to Megasthenese, the empire exercised a navy of 600,000 infantry, 30,000 cavalry, and nine,000 warfare elephants. For the motive of inner and external security, there has been a good sized espionage gadget become there to preserve a watch on the officials and messengers went to and fro. Kings appointed officers to gather taxes from herders, farmers, traders and craftsmen and so on.

Provincial and Local Administration of The Mauryas

  • The empire became specifically divided into four provinces and their capitals have been Ujjain, Taxila,  Kalinga  and   Suvarnagiri.
  • These provinces had been once more divided into smaller gadgets and administered.
  • The districts were maintained via Rajukas who were assisted via Yuktas.
  • Grahmini was liable for village management and Gopa had manage over ten to fifteen villages.
  • Nagarika  became the city superintendent. He maintained the regulation and order.

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The king became the centre of administrative superstructure and king used to pick ministers and high officers. Administrative shape was as follows.

King assisted by way of Mantriparishad (council of ministers) whose members included

Mantriparishad Adhyaksha and underneath him turned into as following:

Revenue branch:-

Important officials: Sannidhata: Chief treasury, Samaharta: collector fashionable of sales.

Military department: Megasthenese mentions a committee with six subcommittees for coordinating army hobby of these, one sorted the military, the second one controlled shipping and provisions, and the 1/3 became answerable for foot-squaddies, the fourth for horses, the fifth for chariots and the 6th for elephants.

Espionage Department:

Mahamatyapasarpa controlled Gudhapurushas (secret marketers)

Police department:

The jail changed into referred to as Bandhangara and it changed into extraordinary from lock-up called Charaka. There were police head quarters in all primary centres.

Provinicial and Local Administration: crucial officers: Pradeshika: present day district magistrates, Sthanika: tax collecting officer below Pradeshika, Durgapala: governor of citadel, Antapala: Governor of frontier, Akshapatala: Accountant standard, Lipikaras: Scribes, Gopas: accountable for accountants and so on.

Municipal Administration:

Important officers: Nagaraka: incharge of town administration, Sita- Adhyaksha: Supervisor of agriculture, samastha-Adhyaksha: superintendent of market, Navadhyaksha: Superintendent of ships, Sulkaadhyaksha: Collector of tolls, Lohadhyaksha: Superintendent of Iron, Akaradhyaksha: Superintendent of mines and Pauthavadhyaksha: Superintendent of weight and measures etc.

Megasthenes referred for 6 committees of which five were to appearance after Pataliputra’s administration. Industries, Foreigners, Registration of start and deaths, Trade, Manufacture and sale of goods and Collection of sales tax have been below the control of administration.

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