The Good Life Video Game

The Good Life is a role-playing video game that was launched on 15th October 2021. Japanese studio white owls Inc. released the game and Playism Published it. It was Launched on many platforms such as Playstation4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.

The Good Life is a mystery and adventure video game set in a community where residents are converted into cats and dogs. Rainy Woods, like every strange place, has its own set of dark secrets, and like any little town, it has its own set of dark secrets.

The residents of Rainy Woods Town transform into animals around 11 p.m. and roam the entire town. It feels so genuine in the game that you could approach them and pet them, but your character will soon be able to shift into a cat or a dog.

In terms of storytelling, the good life video game is more lively, wicked, and somewhat humorous. Your character is Naomi Hayward, an American photojournalist who has come to town to pay off her debts.

It’s an RPG with no combat mode and a lot of tedious quests in terms of impact. The theme of the good life game is one of interaction. This game revolves around a murder in a little village with no supernatural or frightening aspects.

Review Of Game:

Naomi’s persona in the game is selfish, unpleasant, and regularly cracks humorous jokes. The appropriate way to play the good life game is by completing the smorgasbord of leftover tasks. Naomi is out in the Lake District, exploring things, taking photos of interesting objects, and generally having a good time.

These are some of the RPG side quests you’ll find on a bulletin board, but you’ve already been chosen by the colorful cast of people. It’s an open world to explore, whether on foot, on a sheep, or on four paws.

The RPG is only a minor element of the tale, but it is required for exploration and change. Naomi’s supernatural activity allows her to leap over buildings and onto rooftops, transforming herself into a cat.

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You can switch between your cat, dog, and human forms at any time, unlike the full moon. For instance, if you want to swiftly get out of trouble, transform into a dog; if you want to catch small animals, transform into a cat.

Quests can be a fantastic way to practice your transformation skills, but Naomi’s camera can also be useful for creating stuff for Instagram’s social networking platform. This is a fantastic way to make money in the game.

The system and the world around it are just as interesting as the individuals. You’ll also notice the game’s British settings in-depth. Keeping in mind, the narrative of wet forests digs deeper into British mythology. The pleasant bar interior and the sheep grazing meadows.

This game is claimed to be tied to Curtana’s mythical sword. These components are combined together with some science fiction, humor, and uncomfortable moments. You will be disappointed if you enter the game with materialistic expectations.

But, as I already indicated, this is a murder mystery game, right? But, whatever elements it has in the game, it’s unreal. You may decorate your own garden, gather veggies, and personalize the look of your home on your own. Read the full review of the Good life video game on Dunkgaming.


When you’re deep into the game, producing components for the villagers, The Good Life gives a mixed feeling. The Good Life video game review reveals that it is a mediocre title with some horror and mysterious aspects.

After you’ve finished playing this wonderful life video game, I came to the conclusion that it is an ordinary game because it does not surprise you and you may eventually become bored with it.

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