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The Essential Office Supplies that Every Blogger Needs

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If you are a blogger, it is expected to be creative. But, to keep your creative juice flowing, you need a workspace that has great vibes. Blogging is no longer a hobby, but a full-time career. If you love to write and share your thoughts with everyone, welcome to the world of blogging.

Most bloggers work independently, which means they do not have a dedicated office. If you are a blogger, you can work from home or coworking space – the choice is yours. For bloggers who are working from home, it is important that they have all the essential stationery that makes the job easy for them. Without further ado, let’s look at the essential office supplies that must be at the workplace of every blogger:


A planner is the most essential stationery, as it keeps you organised, helps prioritise tasks, and makes sure you don’t miss deadlines. Never settle for an ordinary planner that comes with spiral-bound pages and a good-looking hardcover. A planner is more than mere sheets of colored paper. Checking out online shopping UAE websites selling office supplies and you will find some really helpful stuff there. The planner should be segregated on a monthly basis, so that you can write down the important do’s of every month and stay organised.

Printer & Scanner

Xerox shops are things of past since everybody has a printer at home. As a blogger, this should be your essential stationery item. You might need to take out printouts almost every day and visiting a xerox shop is a waste of time. Moreover, when you have a printer at home, you can take printouts of almost everything from posters to checklists and more.

Stationery Organisers

Too much stationery means too much mess. You might have a difficult time keeping it organised. This is where stationery organisers come into the picture. From keeping your important documents together to having markers and sketch pens in one place, stationery organisers are perfect to give your work desk a neat, clean, and professional look.

Storage Boxes

While stationery organisers are perfect to keep small things in order, what about the bigger stuff that you don’t use every day? Storage boxes will help you keep everything properly. You can find storage boxes at local stationery suppliers. However, we would recommend buying them online for better deals and variety. Make sure you buy storage boxes in different sizes and label them so that there’s no difficulty in finding any item.

Book Shelves

If you are a book lover, having some books in the workplace is a good idea. You can easily find bookshelves at online stores to keep all your books neatly. It will also add more positive vibes to the place. In addition to keeping books, we suggest placing small planters on the shelves to add more greenery to the space and make it look more appealing.

Coffee Mug

This might look a little odd thing to add to the checklist, but we all need a cup of coffee to keep our minds active throughout the day. Why not sip that cup of hot brew in style? The coffee mug is more than a utensil, it gives you the inspiration to work and at times, sets the mood right. You can buy a coffee mug from the store and even get it customised by putting a picture, quotation, or initials of your name. There’s no limit to creativity here.

Coloured Pens and sticky notes

Even if you are not a blogger, you need these office supplies. Colored pens and sticky notes are basic things that can help you in writing down important stuff, setting reminders, and staying organised. These are easily available at every stationery shop.

What else to look for?

Apart from the above-listed stationery items, bloggers must have calendars, portable speakers, highlighters, file organisers, and other stationery items that are used almost every day. Make sure you have a checklist of all these items ready before you start placing an order online.

Many online shopping UAE websites provide stationery products online. But, not all can meet your quality and price expectations. Check out the brands that they are selling and compare the prices before settling for an online store.

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