The Best Movies about Magic on TheMoviesFlix

What I have tried to do is compile a list of movies on themoviesflix. That contains films with magical themes or magical references that are very obvious in them. Certainly, the outbreak of Harry Potter films, the best Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Star Wars can be included. However, out of a desire to expand the list of movies inspired by magic or have magical themes I left them out as ‘too obvious’.

Passport to Pimlico (1949)

Firstly this film was directed by Henry Cornelius. And features fine plays from Stanley Holloway and Margaret Rutherford. Secondly, the Ealing comedy series on the moviesflix consists of a series of trains. In which the magic of the day was The Great Masoni. They dropped his case allowing his pigeons to escape adding to his true comedy moment.

The Dead of Night (1945)

Firstly this amazing movie was Directed by Alberto Cavalcanti. A thriller Ealing portmanteau featuring a series of dreams. Stories about a visitor arriving at a remote farmhouse. Secondly, The film is said to have inspired universal experts Hoyle, Gold, and Bondi to develop a ‘solid theory’. Moreover, They are inspired by the roundabout of film narratives. However, the movie contains a story about a ventriloquist and an attractive underground dummy.

Thirty-Nine Steps (1939)

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The first and perhaps the biggest version of the film’s climax came as a theatrical play of ‘human memory’. The Law of Memory can be considered part of the magical art of Mentalism. The great sorcerer Harry Lorraine is known all over the world not only for his ‘magic’ practice. But also for his role in training and improving human memory.

Raven (1963)

This blockbuster film directed by Roger Corman sees the great Vincent Price. Peter Lorre, and Boris Karloff as medieval magicians involving a magical duel. Therefore, This thriller is a colorful and action-packed film based on Edgar Allen Poe’s poem The Raven. It is not the best example of a Corman-Price collection, but it is very entertaining.

Night of the Demon (1957)

This wonderful movie is based on R James’ story “Casting the Runes”. It plays Dana Andrews as an unknown psychologist ‘cursed’ by a Faustian-looking sangoma. And ‘sect’ leader Julian Karswell (Nial MacGinnis). However, in one sequence Karswell dressed as Dr. Bobo performed magic at a children’s party. The ensuing dialogue between the psychologist and the magician holds within it. A host of frameworks and ideas of emerging wonders out there.

The Magician (1958)

This amazing movie directed by Ingmar Bergman on moviesflix. The reason the film was left out of the top ten. That consider ‘hypocritical’ if it is a place where I think it is appropriate. At least the top 5! Max von Sydow plays circular magic and is a ‘magnetic healer’. (going back to the days of Mesmer) caught up in the story of racism, honesty. Class planning, and …. Sydow is smart, rarely talkative, and Bergman’s pictures are good.

Next (2007)

This wonderful movie directed by Lee Tamahori sees Nicholas Cage. A man who can see a few minutes of the future and hides his gift by acting as a magician in the living room. Secondly, Cage appears to be another form of ‘magic‘ in the dream film. As the Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010 directed by Jon Turtletaub) makes direct references to the Disney Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Fantasia.

Magic Man (2010)

Firstly, this movie directed by Roscoe Lever stars Billy Zane. Who plays the role of Darius, the Magic Man in the title. Moreover, Billed as a fun game, this movie has not yet received the best reviews. As I have not seen it yet I cannot comment – but perhaps a future update on this list could see it installed.

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