The best Hunting knives of 2022

How were the Hunting knives chosen for this selection?

To establish this selection of the 10 best Hunting knives on the market, we had to take into account many parameters. For example, the use that will be made of each knife and therefore its manufacturing materials. The best knife will have to meet all types of needs, such as cutting wood, trimming vegetation, helping to make fires, sharpening, grating, serving as a mace…

It was, therefore, essential to take into account the opinions of experts in the field, feedback from users of many knife models, and online tests from confirmed Hunting to create this final list of 10 products.

Among the decisive criteria in our choices, there were:

The overall performance of the knife: 

does it hold up over time? Is it practical to meet all the needs of Hunting? Can we count on him to get us out of trouble? Does it have enough features? Does it properly cut all types of materials? The best Hunting knife must be as complete as it is solid!

The Full-Tang blade.

Is a criterion that matters a lot in choosing a quality product. We have ensured that models offered here are equipped with this metal blade which extends over the entire length of the handle.

The practicality of the knife:

the testimonials concerning the handling of each knife, the ease of handling, the length of the blade, and the feeling felt when holding it also influenced our decision.

The shape of the blade.

Is also decisive and many specialists will tell you: to avoid the risk of injury, you need a blade that is sharp on only one side!

The type of steel used.

To make the blade of Hunting knives is of paramount importance. In general, good knives will be forged from stainless steel or carbon steel. There are some ceramic models but they do not seem to be unanimous among Bushcraft practitioners.

The sheath.

When available, has also been the subject of extensive study because your knife will spend more time within it than in the palm of your hand. As long as it is of good quality.

The quality/price ratio.

Is a determining element of choice and we have carefully analyzed the opinions of buyers, to eliminate models that are too expensive for their performance. In this selection, you will find cheap Hunting knives and high-end Hunting knives, all offered at a fair price.

There are many varieties of Hunting knives and we have focused on models that give complete satisfaction to their users. With the 10 Hunting knives that you will find below, you can be sure that all your Hunting experiences – in the forest or the mountains – will be a real success, because you will be equipped with a knife that will not let you go. Going on an adventure with the right equipment is a precaution worthy of the best Bushcraft practitioners!

1. Damascus Hunting Knife

If you are looking for a highly efficient Damascus Hunting knife, designed with lightweight and resistant, and high-quality materials

Design & Features

This model from the very famous Damascus1 brand Damascus almost looks like a classic knife when you see it: a laminated VG10 steel blade, a black Kraton handle with grip, nothing suggests such efficiency.

However, this 28.2 cm knife with its 16 cm blade works wonders. It easily cuts any material and is so sharp that even the most meticulous cuts will be possible. You will have no problem chopping wood or peeling your potatoes. A feat, made possible by a remarkable convex blade, made in Damascus.

Among its strengths, we note that the blade does not rust as easily as those of carbon steel knives. It requires no maintenance, apart from occasional sharpening which requires a little practice, due to the shape of the blade. For this, you can use a classic stone or sandpaper, because it does not scratch.

Its handle is also of very good quality, with its rubbery type coating which ensures a very good hold. It’s both pleasant and practical, and it has the advantage of absorbing shocks. In short, in use, the knife will not vibrate in your hand and you can use it for a long time without difficulty. And not to spoil anything, it is very light, with only 312 g well distributed over the whole object, for an appreciable balance.

You will receive this knife in a Zytel sheath specially developed for this model, which will perfectly protect the object during your adventures. 


This is what the best of Hunting knives can look like: thin, elegant, light, and capable of cutting anything that passes over its blade, without you having to maintain it more than necessary, this A1K model from Damascus is a little gem that will delight all Hunting.

2. Esee Model 6 Hunting Knife

The Esee brand specializes in making Hunting knives and its RC6P Model 6 model proves that know-how pays off. Solid, durable, and perfectly functional for many Hunting tasks, this Full Tang knife will accompany you in the best way in your adventures.

Design & Features

This high-end Hunting knife has a full 1095 carbon steel blade with a length of 14.60 cm with a thickness on the back of the blade of 4.8 cm. Handle included, it measures 29.84 cm and will be perfectly suited to an excursion in the great outdoors. Its construction guarantees unfailing solidity, with steel strong enough to cut the hardest woods, but flexible enough not to break during use. Stirring will become a pleasure! 

This blade can potentially rust and you will have to be sure to wipe it after each use, but this is a classic drawback on carbon blade Hunting knives. It will suffice to apply a little grease or anti-rust oil to overcome this problem. To sharpen it, you will only have to use a diamond or ceramic stone, or even sandpaper because this steel is resistant to impacts and scratches.

The Esse knife features a Full Tang blade, which means it extends the full length of the handle, for rock-solid strength. With a very correct weight of 454 grams which gives it a good grip and a pleasant handle to hold, it offers its wearer very good sensations.

It is a Made In USA knife, which is tested in real conditions before being marketed. It shows, and you quickly understand that you can trust him. The guarantee is also a lifetime. In addition, it is supplied with a durable molded plastic case, which can be attached to the belt.


For a very high-quality Hunting knife, solid, pleasant to use, and effective, this model 6 from the Esee brand will be the best choice.

3. Ontario Knife Military Hunting Knife

A true military Hunting knife, this model from the Ontario Knife brand has conquered its users, who appreciate its sharpness as much as its resistance. For those who want to equip themselves with a military knife of undeniable quality, this could be the right choice.

Design & Features

The Ranger Hunting knife of this brand, which is not at its first attempt, can seduce at first glance. With its elegant black coating and graceful curvature, it is a very beautiful object.

In total, it measures 25.6 cm, and its 5160 carbon steel blade is 13.6 cm with 0.7 cm thickness on the back of the blade. It is a great model, able to support you during your Hunting activities in nature because it will be effective in all situations. You should know that it weighs almost 1 kg, which is heavy, but that’s the flip side of its high resistance.

The 5160 carbon steel used to make the blade is extremely strong – some will tell you stronger than 1905 carbon – and this allows the knife to withstand several types of use: you can cut wood, clear brush, slice rope, unlock a door lock, blow up a padlock… The Ontario Knife model remained intact.

Of course, it is designed with a Full Tang blade, which will last over time and will never break.

At the level of its handle, it is micarta, a classic coating for knives that offers a pleasant grip, even if the thickness of the handle will hinder some. But nothing is stopping you from stripping it down a bit to make it fit your fingers.

With this military Hunting knife, you will receive an included belt sheath with nylon sheath, not necessarily very aesthetic but very practical, since you will easily attach it to your belt for quick access when needed and it has an accessory pocket.


Undoubtedly one of the best top-of-the-range Hunting knives, versatile and particularly resistant, which only fishes by being too heavy. It enjoys a very good value for money!

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