The Basics of a Dedicated Server

In contrast to Shared Servers, Dedicated Servers are only used by one site, and therefore every server resource is also exclusive. This means you are in complete charge of security, add-on resources and , of course, the total cost of hosting and.

Confused? Let’s look at a day-to-day scenario to get a better understanding of Dedicated Servers. Imagine you are traveling in a shared taxi for work each day. Although this could end up being an economical solution however, you will have no control over the number of trips the vehicle makes and and how many people it will accommodate. You have no control over things such as security and additional resources.

Dedicated Server Guide

Let’s look at this in comparison to a chauffeur-driven taxi. You can have the space you require and you are able to control the time and location of your travel, without relying on other drivers as well as decide how you utilize the resources. There is no need to worry about the possibility of delays due to other people and you have the option of choosing the time, place, and how to utilize this service. It’s a used server, which is designed to only support the requirements of your website and you are in complete control over the resources.

The dedicated server hosting provides more security, stability as well as speed and control.

Let’s look more deeply at dedicated servers — what are the reasons you require it, who really needs it, and what advantages it can bring to.

Features of Dedicated Server Hosting

As a site grows and expands, it begins to receive an increasing amount of visitors. The amount of traffic that comes to your site can significantly impact the operation of your website. It is essential to have more resources RAM, Storage Space, Disk Space, RAM, Storage Space, Disk Space, etc -to handle the increasing traffic, while also make sure you have a high level of availability in addition to security features. In other words, the more traffic your website receives increases as does the demand for additional resources. The best way to upgrade your website’s hosting is to move From Shared Hosting to VPS and then to dedicated. This is why Dedicated Server Hosting will be your ideal choice for businesses that are growing.

Here’s why you should think about dedicated server hosting:


Enhanced Read/Write Speeds

Industry-toughened Solid State Driver (SSD) or Standard Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

Capacity increased (up to 1.7 T!)

Low Power Consumption

Websites, applications and software services

Full Root Access

Multiple Dedicated IP’s

Maximized RAM, Data Transfer and Data Protection

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting


Alongside all of this, you also receive increased security, speed, more uptime and dedicated customer service. This allows you to run a reliable website without the stress or hassle of maintenance and also protect from malicious attacks and malware.

They let you expand, maintain and effortlessly update the demands for your website. Below is a list of additional advantages:


In a dedicated server hosting environment, the risk of another site accessing your personal information as well as security breaches caused by other dangerous websites, and potential threats arising from other websites is completely eliminated. Your website is the sole site on the server, and therefore you are in complete control over security measures. This is particularly important for websites that collect and store personal or financial data from their customers.


As you can have total control over the security of your website and security, you also have total control over the other aspects of your site. You can manage the add-ons you require, and you will be able to manage the resources and the way they are allocated. Increased traffic to your website for other websites, or even bad scripts used by other websites will not impact your website in any way.


This second hand server lets you personalize servers to suit your specific requirements. It is easy to configure the CMS platform of your choice to run an e-commerce. Furthermore, the management and monitoring of the server’s performance is simple and can help increase the efficiency of your server. With full administrative control you are able to install any software you want to ensure the success of your company.

Are you ‘Dedicated’ To Your Success?

While you won’t require dedicated servers at first when you first start your website, as traffic to your site increases and so does your need for resources. Furthermore the security of crucial data of customers is an additional element to think about when you are trying to upgrade the hosting service you use.

Nowadays, consumers have numerous choices on the internet. In all sectors, but they return to companies who are concerned about their needs which includes the experience. They get from their websites and also protecting their financial and personal information.

Greater control equals more power!

For any concerns or suggestions, be sure to leave your comments below. Check out our Servers Blogs category to find additional information about the different kinds of servers. How to boost server performance and much more.

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