The 6 Most Important Reasons to Outsource Amazon Price Tracking Services

Being competitive on pricing on Amazon is essential to securing both the buy box as well as your customers. However, there’s a fine line between being in the market and loss of profit. Amazon Price tracker is an essential component of eCommerce success. 

A successful Amazon pricing strategy must have the proper balance between maximizing your profits while maintaining steady sales on the market. This is why keeping track of the prices of your competitors is vital since it plays a significant part in determining the pricing strategy.

What is Amazon Price Tracking?

Amazon price tracker is a method of analyzing and monitoring the market and price trends of competitors to enhance the pricing plan you are using. It can be done manually or with the help of automated cost tracking software

Why do I need to keep track of Amazon competitor pricing?

As we’ve explained, establishing your pricing strategy using thorough market research gives you an advantage in competitiveness and improves sales performance. 

To win the Buy Box

The Amazon “Buy Box” algorithm focuses on delivering value to its customers by evaluating the most appropriate seller for each purchase, based on a set of indicators. Price is among the most important factors that determine whether you are successful in this “Buy Box”. To take advantage of this chance Amazon sellers must constantly keep track of market prices and constantly revise the price to ensure that it is competitive with rivals.

It takes a long time to manually track Amazon prices:

Amazon sellers that have dabbled in the art of price tracking manually recognize the need to create analytics based on the massive amount of data collected. Particularly when you have to control thousands of SKUs and products, it can be an overwhelming task to control the price of these SKUs while keeping track of their competition too.

In addition, with price changes happening every day on Amazon Retailers are foolish to control the entire process manually within their own. A price specialist will ensure that you have an up-to-date and precise set of information that is acquired more quickly and available as required.

Automated Price Tracking Isn’t a One-Stop-Shop:

Today the automatic Amazon cost tracking software is becoming popular in the marketplace of online shopping. This tool is able to automatically identify your competitors’ prices for your product and then adjust your price in accordance with the set of rules you have assigned to it. 

Sellers will appreciate the ability to integrate the tool into your Amazon sellers account. However, there are reasons to not use it as an all-in-one tool for monitoring price.

There are a few competitors that price tracking tools are fully compatible with an Amazon seller account. It is essential to have expert assistance to determine the best tool for your business’s needs on Amazon and to manage it. In addition, you must have the necessary skills to comprehend algorithms and provide exact data, since even a small error could result in an inaccurate price.

Outsourcing can be a great way to Save Costs up to 40%

Automated pricing monitoring solutions are costly, and engaging a professional to set up the infrastructure and train your personnel might cut  your profit margin. By outsourcing competitor price monitoring, you can offer the same level of output, however at a reasonable price. The most experienced Price monitoring partners are able to provide a full solution, comprising the infrastructure and tools required to offer the service. Only pay for the work and hours you work.

You can focus on your customers:

Also, let your outsourcing partners handle your competition. Outsourcing lets you focus on the important choices your customers face instead of collecting information. An outsourced service should allow you to swiftly analyze and visualize market data. This means you can concentrate on implementing sales and marketing strategies rather than juggling data analysis.

Outsourcing can Ensure Data Accuracy.

A price monitoring system that is automated can be an effective time saver. However, the accuracy of data could be at risk, particularly when there are large volumes of product input. Utilizing tools, it’s difficult to ensure the 100% accuracy of your product’s data to the data of your competitors. Since not every specification and SKU detail will be able to match the specifications of your competition. This is why it’s crucial to implement a comprehensive pricing monitoring strategy.

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