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Stuttering Can Be Cured With Speech Therapies

I am going to share with you my personal experience of visiting a mental hospital in Multan. Where you could easily find the best psychiatrist in Multan practicing. I visited the hospital with my cousin, as she had to see a psychiatrist in one of the biggest mental hospitals in Multan. My cousin is in her teens and she has trouble speaking. It took us a long time to understand that she has a speaking problem and it is necessary to make her visit a psychologist, who would give her the needed therapies and help her speak fluently and yes, with ease.

We visited the mental hospital Multan. The doctor over there was much learned and experienced and happens to be the best psychiatrist in Multan.  She asked a few questions from my cousin and then she diagnosed that my cousin was suffering from stuttering. 

What is stuttering?

Stuttering is a speech disorder in which a person has trouble speaking inflow. It varies from person to person, people have different speech issues hence the disorder has multiple versions. If a person suffers from stuttering then he may face the following issues. 


While speaking if a person repeats sounds or vowels or words, then stuttering could also be responsible for that. 


Sometimes you come across people who want to say something but they are unable to do it because they have trouble making those sounds from their mouth. This situation also gives the feeling to another person as the words are stuck in the patient’s mouth. This condition is a form of stuttering and it is called blocking. 


If a person prolongs a word or draws out some word or stretches it then it is a condition of stuttering and it is called prolongations.

Stuttering affects and gets triggered differently, suppose if a person is excited, stressed, frustrated or sad, in different moods the condition affects differently.

What are the symptoms of stuttering?

Well, most of the time stuttering causes behavioral and physical changes to the patient at the same time. Following are a few of the symptoms rather than the effects of stuttering. 

Tension in the face and shoulders

Stuttering brings some kind of tension to the face and shoulders of the patient. Well, the reason for that is very clear because the patients need a lot of strength to speak and hence severe stress or tension becomes pretty visible on the face.

Rapid blinking

As they have trouble speaking and they put their best efforts into it. You often witness people suffering from stuttering blink their eyes rapidly and very often. Most of these changes happen because they put extra force to speak what they want to speak. 

Lip twitching

Another prominent impact that comes on the face because of stuttering is lip twitching. As the condition makes it difficult for them to speak. The patients often get shaky lips and that is a pretty irritating thing.  

Clenched fists

Because of difficulty in speaking, the patient feels stressed. Hence he immerses great force in speaking which leads him to clench fists as well. All these efforts are put into speaking the right words. How difficult his life would be. 

Sudden head movements

Due to this drastic stress, the patients also move their heads and they sometimes have no control over it. 

Well, this is what I learned about stuttering by visiting the best psychiatrist in Multan who practices in a renowned mental hospital Multan with my cousin. There are three types of stuttering

  1. Development stuttering
  2. Neurogenic stuttering
  3. Psychogenic stuttering

Development stuttering

It is the most common stuttering. It occurs mostly in young kids when they are trying to learn the language. Because, it happens in the development years of kids, therefore it is called development stuttering.

Neurogenic stuttering

It is the kind that occurs after any brain trauma, stroke, or other kinds of brain injuries. 

Psychogenic stuttering

This is the type of stuttering which occurs as a result of emotional stress or trauma. This can happen at any age.

My cousin was diagnosed with psychogenic stuttering. That psychiatrist in Multan we were visiting relieved us by telling us that this is totally curable and my cousin would be speaking fluently after a few speech therapies. Medical science has made great progress which is an incredible achievement.

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