Spectacular Facts About Classy And Trendy Turquoise

Gemstones like Turquoise are so mesmerizing that they have captivated people for years. Being one of the most popular gemstones on earth, it remained a crucial ornament in the ornament collection of ancient Emperors and celebrities. 

Another name for the Turquoise is the Blue stone. The unique and elegant Turquoise is the national gemstone of Tibet. One can find this stunning gem only in dry regions. 


Blue stone jewelry gained the spotlight in 6000 B.C. According to myths of an old era, the Turquoise denotes intelligence, protection, and serenity. It looks like opaque blue to green color. The Turquoise has a royal legacy as a precious and protective gemstone for royalties. Turkish people discovered Blue stone in the 16th century and got transported to Europe from Turkey. 

Every gemstone evolved naturally has its unique features and fantastic health benefits. However, due to its extensive range and affordability, people prefer buying wholesale gemstone jewelry online.

Blue Stone And Its Official Name

The natural Turquoise beauty is so captivating to the eyes that it gets the title of an official color. No other gemstone in the world has ever received such kind of recognition. 

One can easily recognize the Blue stone due to its flexibility in the form of ornament because it looks good with any ensemble. 

Turquoise Also Known as The ‘Sky Stone’

Nepal and Tibet residents call the Turquoise the ‘Sky Stone.’ Blue stone gets adornment the Himalayas for thousands of years as per their belief it has come from the paradises above. The beautiful blue-green combination of Turquoise brings protection to the life of its owner. Therefore, elders in Tibet gift it to kids so that they can keep it safe during their life adventures. 

Blue Stone As an Anniversary Present

Plan to surprise your loved ones on your 11th anniversary by gifting them the Turquoise Ring. Blue stone signifies romantic adoration and power. Therefore, it’s a perfect gift for remembering the beautiful journey the couple has enjoyed in their marital journey. In addition, males can express their inner feelings by purchasing a Turquoise gemstone ornament. 

Turquoise Ring

Turquoise Gemstone – Favorite of all Cultures

Blue stone has bright colors and the quality to grow different colors over time, making it a unique gemstone for many different cultures. Persian empire and Native Americans used Turquoise in many ways as they considered it a sacred stone.

Kings of many dynasties adored the outstanding qualities of the Turquoise. The Queen Mother’s Persian Blue stone Tiara is famous as the ‘Triumph of Love Tiara.’ Navajo and Apache tribes of Native America used the blue stone as Turquoise Jewelry. They also had beliefs that the Turquoise is a terrific protector and healer.

Healing Benefits of Blue Stone

Appealing Turquoise balances emotions. It connects with all three inner body Chakras. The ruling planets of Bluestone are Venus and Neptune. 

Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces align with the December birthstone

Wearing jewelry of Turquoise or using this stone will eliminate negative energy from your thoughts and mind. This gemstone balances Chakra and revives inner peace. A wearer of Blue stone can become a great creative problem solver and develops self-awareness.  

Pretty Turquoise crystal illustrates friendship and initiates romantic love. In addition, it boosts the immune system, leads to tissue renewal, and cures the entire body. 

Bluestone helps to get relief from cramps and pain. It also cleanses the lungs, eases and clears sore throats, and cures the eye. In addition, Turquoise works effectively on problems related to stomach, viral infections, gout and counteracts acidity. Yellow Turquoise even helps connect with spirits and brings the energy of the sky down to earth. Get a praising look quickly by styling gorgeous and stylish silver Turquoise ornaments. 

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