Some Basic Tips for Creating Fashion Croquis and Design

Croquis is a name that translates to “sketch” in French. In the world of fashion, the term”croquis” refers to the quickest sketch of a person in fashion. It can also mean the practice of drawing models live. The drawings of croquis are minimalist in appearance and serve as a blank surface for sketching clothes.

What Is Included in a Croquis Sketch?

Fashion croquis sketches don’t care as much about the drawing of figures but more about the clothes. For instance, these drawings usually don’t show specifics about the hands, feet, or faces. Fashion figure templates can add to croquis designs to display the texture, color as well as accessories after the design concept is established.

What Is the Purpose of Croquis Drawings?

Croquis sketches depict the technical aspects of an item, for example:

  • Fit
  • Shape
  • Sleeve length
  • Total length
  • The position of seams and darts

These exact fashion sketches communicate the concept to pattern makers who develop a first model using Your croquis.

The fashion croquis template can be used as an example of different styles in a collection of clothing. For example, the model Marc Jacobs uses the same croquis style throughout the seasons to give patternmakers an understanding of how clothes are made to form the exact shape. The consistency between sketches of women’s streetwear permits designers to understand the dimensions and height of the clothes in comparison to one another.

Tips for Creating Croquis Drawings

  • Croquis sketches are the very first step to bringing your ideas for fashion to life. If this is the first time you’re creating a design on paper, attempt drawing croquis using the help of a croquis design template that has been designed. If you choose to create the croquis on your own, here are some tips to remember:
  • The most effective tool for drawing sketches is a large piece of paper and an irreparably sharp lead pencil.
  • Before you start writing on paper, create an idea board that you can use in your mood, to visualize your thoughts. Use magazines, photographs, and images of street style to create distinct boards with different fabrics, colors textures, and accessories.
  • Be aware that the proportions of the body in the drawings are not proportional relative to the human size. Legs are extended to highlight the height. The length of the figure starting at the top and finishing at the bottom is approximately 9.3 times more than the figure-drawn head.
  • Croquis patterns can be displayed in a variety of ways to convey the movement of a design, as well as to emphasize the style. By using one’s hands on your hips with the pelvic region tilted or legs extended to emphasize the form that the skirt has.

How To Draw a Croquis in 6 Steps

The first step in drawing this croquis would be to trace the line, which traverses in the center of the drawing. It is essential to divide your 8.5×11-inch document into nine equal pieces. This is known as the standard nine head length of the croquis. You can draw lines horizontally that symbolize the nine points which are approximately one-eighth of an inch for markers for the various sections.

  1. Draw your balance line. Draw a horizontal centerline to depict the figure’s center of balance. The line should begin above the head and should extend down to the bottom leg in the image.
  2. The pelvic area is drawn. Below, in the middle of your balance line, draw an oval that symbolizes the pelvis. It can be tilted to achieve different postures.
  3. Draw shoulders and the torso. From the upper corner of the square pelvic, draw two lines that form the torso. The shoulders should be the same dimensions as your pelvic area.
  4. Draw your skull and neck. The neck should be about one-third what your shoulder is wide, and the remaining half of the head. Draw a circle around the head, proportionally with your body.
  5. Draw legs. The legs of the figure should be four times the size of the head drawn. The legs are divided into two parts, which are the calves and thighs. The tops of the thighs should extend as far from that of the head’s top. Begin by tapering the line until you reach your knee, and then return to the ankle so that your ankles are approximately one-fourth of the size of your head.
  6. Draw the feet and arms. Make the arms with an elbow that tapers to the wrist. Finish with the hands and fingers.

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