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Smart Pages – The way to explore creativity via strategy and significance!

Digital world!

Yeah, you are thinking it the right way. Everything, absolutely every single activity, is hit with an impeccable online presence. Let the people find you easily because they are ready to explore your business features with the keyboards in their hands.

Nearly 4 billion people exist on social media, with an average of 8 accounts on different online platforms. If you want customers to be loyal to your brand, you need to provide them with an incredible experience by soundly sharing your existing links.

All the businesses varying from small to medium size have their social media existence on various platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube and others. But one lame thing is all these platforms allow you to share only one link. We’ve seen many businesses adding their website links in their bio sections as an expectation to generate more conversions, views or contacts.

This is not the way to generate leads; on the other hand, you might be losing many of them.

Now, let’s hear this interesting phrase – You can share more than one link with the help of one link!

Sounds confusing?

Oh! It’s pretty much simple. It’s the magic of a Smart Page. A smart page is a unique mini-landing page that allows you to share all your social media accounts on one page to drive the audience back to your online content on your social media handles.

Basically, It is a bridge way to your content. Taking an example – you might have seen a smart page of your favourite artist, leading you to all the video platforms pertaining to their current release.

Recently, Microsoft announced; smart pages as a free website building service that is now available to all the small to medium-sized businesses in the US. Also, it has integrated some new features like video embeds, Bing maps, text suggestions and the new well-run social post section. This feature enables the businesses to exhibit pertinent information and improve user experience as the visitors get all your links at one spot. Smart pages are a powerful tool, and Microsoft has enabled you to create, edit, publish and share the smart pages for free.

That’s incredible!

The new releases include the following features:

  • Words and photos aren’t enough; you can now add eye-catching videos to raise brand awareness and engage your customers. Video embeds allow you to add YouTube and Vimeo videos on your smart page.
  • It helps you create a more automated page and generates improved text suggestions that set you at liberty to add more relevant and value-added business information.
  • The location of your business can be added to the smart page with the Bing maps integration
  • You can write your business updates without any prior postings on Facebook with the refurbished social posts section. This feature will come into play by the end of this month.

Microsoft believes; having your website allows you to connect with more potential customers and increase online and in-store traffic. Though many SMBs operate with social media or a local directory in the name of online presence, the business owners may now utilize this free service (Smart pages) to create a basic website for free, which is far and wide available presently.

After reading the new features, we all are familiar with the smart pages and their content that is put together to fetch a beautiful mobile responsive landing page. You are free to customize the page’s colour, font and branding etc.

Okay! So now the question is, how useful are these smart pages?

Smart pages help in the below-mentioned ways:


  • Direct your viewers to the most vital information on your website.

Organize all the links you wish to share with your audience in one place; be it social media profiles, photos, videos, websites or contact information.

You can use your smart page to promote your YouTube channels, and Twitter handles, Instagram profiles, Shopify store or your recent Spotify song release.

Smart pages are highly interactive, allowing you to showcase your products attractively to obtain more visitors and increase the rate of conversions.

  • Easy creation and anywhere sharing

 Smart pages are pretty easy to generate with predefined templates, or even if you want to design it afresh. Also, you can share it anywhere you feel like letting your target audience know; you are the one they are looking for!

Update your bios on Instagram, TikTok or Twitter with the smart page link. Not only this, but you can also share the link in your social media stories, SMS, Email marketing campaigns and many more places…

  • Customizable designs for outstanding execution

In no time, you’ll have a completely configurable mobile-friendly microsite. You can easily change the background of your page, the layout of the icons, add a GIF, picture, a video and so on.

It helps you create a version of your brand personality and draws the customers’ attention by enhancing your online presence.

Do you know what’s more fascinating?

You don’t need to be a PRO for this feature by Microsoft. You are a free bird who can do wonders.

  • One-click for contact and extensive leads.

You might have seen the ‘contact now’ or ‘call us’ option on various websites. Smart pages help you enable the same for your users who can contact you via email, phone, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or any other way with a single click. Your pre-filled contact data makes it highly convenient for visitors to reach you with no extra effort.

You can also add a data collection form on your smart page to gather user information. Turn your viewers into leads by allowing them to sign up for your newsletter or answer quizzes and grow your business.

You can monitor the smart page activity by the readable dashboard that helps you look into your performance and increase the page’s efficiency.

Still, Reading?

You’ve got the best part here!

Kinex Media is Here with some PRO tips for your Exceptional smart pages!

  • Do not overdose the smart page with blocks; let the visitors focus on what you advertise.
  • Choose your Smart pages’ colour carefully; it should be vibrant enough to entice your visitors, but not too much that it becomes distracting.
  • You can use animated blocks and videos for the vital info to gleam.

There’s a long-long list that we can explode for telling you the benefits of smart pages in today’s time. So, you should go ahead and build one for your business now!

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