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Simple Ways to Install A Security Camera

Simple Ways to Install A Security Camera

Simple Ways to Install A Security Camera

How to set up a security camera for your home will depend on the kind of camera you select and also the power source. If you choose wireless outside security camera such as that of the Arlo Pro3 it will have a different setup than something similar to that of Eufy indoor Cam 2K which has an indoor-only security camera that relies on an electrical power source.

In either case, we’ll give you advice on installation and the best method to position your camera.

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How much will installation cost?

If you set up your security camera by yourself the installation will not cost you anything. If you’d prefer to have professionals install it for you You’ll need to spend a bit more money on the service.

Installation of a security camera at home

If you are able to install cameras yourself, it’s almost free once you’ve paid for the equipment.

You can place them upon a table set on the wall, or connect them to an object that is magnetic. It’s not for everyone. at ease drilling holes into their walls.

Reolink Argus 3. If you own an outdoor security camera they are easy to install yourself. All you have to do is put the camera in the location you wish to put it and then connect the power cable.

Professional installation

If you purchase an installation that is professionally done Best Home Security Systems we’ve suggested (namely ADT or Vivint) You’ll receive an installation technician who will complete the installation for you. That includes the cameras. Vivint’s cost for installation is $49; however, ADT’s costs are considerably higher. It is possible to pay as high as $199 for the pro installation.

If you’re planning to buy a complete set of security cameras at home that is integrated into the security of your house it’s much more convenient to let a professional set up the cameras on your behalf. It’s also more convenient to have experts put in video doorbells to avoid having to deal with wires for electrical use.

The two companies ADT and Vivint have professionally installed doorbell cameras.

Pro Installation for security cameras that are standalone

If you’re purchasing an expensive camera and wish to have it installed by a professional and maintained, there are third-party companies such as HelloTech which can be a good option to locate local professionals for the installation of security cameras. Additionally, it’s a great value for money in comparison to the more expensive prices offered by CCTV firms.

The price you pay will depend on the type of equipment you own and possibly other aspects in addition, like the location of your home. However, HelloTech offers a list of starting prices of security cameras and doorbells with video.

A security camera that is smart installation cost: begins at $129

Video doorbell installation cost: starts at $99

HelloTech is able to install devices from many important smart home brands, such as Google Nest, Ring as well as Google Nest.

Where should you place the security camera?

It’s not everyone’s job to worry about thieves or break-ins (thank God!). Many of us like to monitor deliveries or find out who’s visiting our home when we’re gone. Some people would like a method to monitor pets or family members.

Determine which goal is the most important to you. Then position your camera so that it is most likely to observe what you need to be able to observe.

Indoors or outdoors?

The most significant difference between outdoor and indoor cameras is their capacity to stand up to the conditions. The worst thing that could happen is for your camera to fail when you first experience a snowstorm of the season, particularly when you’ve noticed that your snow boots are missing also.

Verify the operating temperature and authorized use of the camera you wish to purchase. There are some cameras like SimpliSafe SimpliCam SimpliSafe SimpliCam, that are able to be altered to function outdoors and also indoors.

Where can you put in an indoor security camera?

An indoor camera installation can be as simple as finding the ideal location, plugging it in and turning it on, and then synchronizing it with your smartphone or desktop application. Although some might require drilling, the majority of indoor cameras we’ve seen will require nothing other than a screwdriver.

A great indoor camera must offer a wide field of view. This could get by using a larger corner or a shelf. The most ideal places offer a clear view of the area, a space to protect the camera from prying eyes, and low walking circulation (to prevent unplugging your camera or tripping over it with the cable).

Where do I put in an outdoor security camera?

The most well-known locations to set up an outdoor camera is above the garage door or over a back or front porch. If you are using a garage camera, ensure that you have a wide area of vision. For a porch, the camera ensures that the camera is primarily focused on a walkway or driveway to get the most action even if it has a smaller area of vision. You might want to think about a doorbell camera such as one the Nest Hello or The Arlo Video Doorbell as well as RemoBell S. RemoBell.

Do you want to get wireless, wired, or wire-free cameras?

There are usually three options of power for security cameras, but the terminology can become somewhat confusing.

  1. Wired The camera uses wires for connection to electricity and your internet.
  2. Wireless This means that your camera is able to connect to the internet wirelessly, but it requires the use of a power cord. Sometimes, these cameras are known as “wired” because they require an electrical cord.
  3. Wire-free is a type of camera that operates on a battery pack and doesn’t require wires in any way. Sometimes, these cameras are referred to as wireless as they do not require power cords.

When you install wired, you’re somewhat limited in terms of location, but the connection is more secure and reliable. Take into consideration where you’ll conduct the wire, and the length you’ll require. It is possible to purchase larger extension cables.

How to install a wired security camera

  1. Find a secure place to hang the wall.
  2. Certain cameras might require an anchor, while other cameras have anchors for drywall.
  3. Check for existing wiring.
  4. Make sure to drill the correct holes.
  5. Connect the wire back to the wall and connect it to the source of monitoring.

The tech installers suggest that you place your camera at least 9 feet off the ground level, but not so high that you aren’t able to see the action below.

If you want to choose between local and cloud storage?

The majority of cameras today provide cloud storage in order to stop thieves from getting the evidence and moving, but some prefer local storage for its security and convenience.

Local storage options differ by the camera, but can include the following options:

  • microSD cards
  • USB drives
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)
  • Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

If you’re opting for local storage, you’ll need to keep your cameras out of the way however, you must have a place where you can access it whenever you require it. If you opt for cloud storage, then you are able to access footage using your smartphone or desktop application and access footage regardless of the condition of your camera.

If you’re using local storage, it is necessary to keep your cameras away from danger but in a location where you are able to access them at any time, you need it. If you do get cloud storage, then you are able to watch footage on your phone or desktop applications and have access to footage regardless of the camera’s condition.

Recap: How to Install a Security Camera

We recommend that for the majority of cameras you install the cameras yourself. If not, you can always consult an expert who can assist– whether it’s directly from the security firm or a third-party vendor such as HelloTech.

For more information on security for your home, as well as to evaluate cameras, look at our Top Security Cameras along with our Best Home Security Systems Reviews.

Pseudo Home Security in America

However, they’re expensive and can be an effort to install something brand new. What do you think of counterfeit security cameras? If they look as authentic, they’re equally good do you think? Or are they?

Here are a few of the most intriguing things we discovered.

  • 15% of people have employed a fake security camera.
  • 25% of people have used an outdated or fake security surveillance sign within their yards.
  • 24% have placed fake or outdated security monitoring stickers inside the windows of their homes.
  • 24% have concealed the key inside a fake rock.
  • 28% of people have put a key in their doormat.
  • 17% of them have put an unintentional delivery package in front of their home.

We were asked in America how effective was the fake security of your home?


  • One in four people believes that an untrue home security camera is equally powerful as a genuine security camera.
  • 17% of people believe that a fake alarm (audible) is more efficient than a genuine alarm.
  • 17% of respondents believe an untrue security monitor label is more efficient than a genuine one.

Most people believe that the real thing is superior to the counterfeit. When it comes to protecting your property, the overwhelming view is that authentic security cameras and systems are more secure. And we are with them. A genuine security camera that has a live stream that you can access via mobile apps and two-way audio that you can use to shout at criminals will always surpass any plastic copy.


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