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Requirements for getting Azerbaijan E Visa

The online visa has been introduced in 2017, it has become is the great success since then. The visa requirement for Azerbaijan has been made easy for the applicants. There has been introduced the three modes of processing, the urgent mode, the fast mode and the normal mode of processing the Azeri Visa. The only change in the azerbaijan visa requirements for getting an urgent visa is the processing fee. 

The normal processing of the visa only take 3 working days. The simple requirements for azerbaijan visa consists of simple documents like the personal passport and a valid email ID. The normal processing of the visa usually takes around 3 working days, so it is better to apply around a week before your trip to Azerbaijan. It is better to plan all the aspects of your trip so the whole journey can become smooth and beautiful.

The basic requirements for the Azeri e visa are as follows:

Basic Azerbaijan Visa requirements:


The basic necessities for the visas for Azerbaijan are according the instructions written below. It is better to read all the visa requirements for Azerbaijan from the official website of Azerbaijan.

A valid personal passport:

A valid passport is one of the basic documents you need to submit to get an online visa. For that make sure your passport do remain 6 months in its expiry. If there are less than 6 months. If you see there are less than 6 months remaining in the passport, then first just get a brand new passport then apply for an online visa. It is also essential to fill all the information according to the information page of the personal passport. Try to follow the same format when filling the online form,  visa requirement for azerbaijan is not as difficult as most of the people perceive. 

A professional Photo:

Travel to azerbaijan visa requirements also include a professional photo. The importance of professional photos is essential as this photo would appear on your visa and become your identity during your stay in the country. So try to produce a professional photo which clearly defines your face identity. Try to avoid using an old photo to submit your identity for visa processing.

A provision of Valid email ID:

It is essential for the applicants to provide a valid email ID, when you are travelling to Baku Azerbaijan. The online visa does require fast communication, and your email ID is one of the quickest ways to communicate. It is better to use a valid email ID, before providing an email ID, it is better to check the accessibility of your email ID. Try to provide an Email ID which is easilable accessible by you. All the discrepancies of the visa processing should be communicated by the email ID. You can say the Visa processing is done quickly only by the fast processing of the application.

The processing fee:

You can pay your processing fee via Paypal and Debit/Credit Card,  and fill out an Azerbaijan online visa application. The normal processing fee for the online visa for the applicants is $ 45, the processing fee should be submitted as quickly as possible. If you are submitting the processing fee on time it makes the visa available in normal processing time which is 3 days.

Choose the processing mode:

Choose the best processing mode, as there is no restriction for the applicants to select a visa processing. There are no visa requirements for azerbaijan citizens as they need no personal visa. The  visa requirement for Azerbaijan can be different according to various modes of processing.

The three modes of the processing are:

  1. The Urgent processing mode
  2. The Fast processing mode
  3. The Normal processing mode

The Urgent processing mode:

It processes the visa only within one working day or less than 24 hours, and you need to submit $ 105 , and it is the visa requirement for azerbaijan. The urgent visa processing is best for the business persons to attend a meeting.

The Fast processing mode:

The fast processing mode only needs less than 2 days, as it requires around $ 75 to process the visa. 

The Normal Visa processing mode:

The normal processing visa only needs $ 45 processing fee to submit, but you need to fulfill all the visa requirements for Azerbaijan, the normal visa processing for Azeri visa is also fast as compared to other visas around the world.

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