Packaging Ideas to Design Your Candle Boxes Appealingly

When you start your making candle business, you would have to arrange the packaging boxes with your company name and brand logo. Why? To give a better customer experience while shaping a recognizable brand image. But which design you should apply? What about the budget to get high-quality packaging boxes? Sounds tough? Well, here are some packaging ideas to design your candle boxes appealingly.

A Brief Introduction to Custom Candle Boxes

Custom packaging boxes would, undoubtedly, be the best way for you to pack and present your lovely candles. Why? Because when you are customizing your packaging boxes, you would get the chance to express your creative ideas. Thus, you could apply your brand-oriented theme to custom candle boxes.

This would eventually benefit your business in the long run. Imagine how many people would get in contact with your custom boxes all through the shipping journey. Yes, you could expect to expose your brand awareness more extendedly.

How to Get a Full Customization Offer for Candle Boxes Wholesale?

Speaking of getting a full customization offer for candle boxes wholesale, it is not as difficult as you might think it is. In fact, there are three simple methods to do so:

  • Get a customized and expert packaging spending arrangement
  • Give packaging design and test sealing
  • Get direction and help of expert packaging engineers

A professional packaging provider would offer you a wide collection of designs, address the best packaging materials, and further develop the creation cycle. After all, your candle boxes need the participation of packaging designers, shippers, and packaging producers to accomplish them effectively.

How to Pack Your Candles Properly in Candle Packaging Wholesale?

Most fragrant candles come in glass bottles and the glass bottle is delicate. In this regard, it is a fundamental point to make sure your candle packaging wholesale would forestall the glass bottle from breaking. How?

  • Use bubble wrap for luxury candle packaging

Wrapping your candles with bubble film could forestall the glass bottles from breaking during the shipping journey. Yet, make sure to cut the bubble wrap in your luxury candle packaging that would have the exact size you need.

  • Go for durable candle shipping boxes

There are various choices for candle shipping boxes, for example, three-layer boxes, five-layer boxes, and surprisingly seven-layer boxes. The 5-layer box would be a decent decision. Be that as it may, the size of your box is additionally an important point. If the package is excessively huge, you need to put additional filling material. On the other hand, it would surely expand the expense of delivery.

  • Use inner packing filling material for candle gift packaging

Colored shredded cut paper is one of the various packing filling materials. This one would be the best option if you wish to present your lovely candles as gifts. It is also famous for crinkle paper as it includes strong color crinkle paper, mix-color crinkle, as well as gold or silver crinkle paper. The colorful decoration of this filling material would be a perfect filler that adds a lavish texture and color to your candle gift packaging.

Go for Single Candle Packaging Ideas

In the market, we could see how single candles are mostly sold. The heaviness of single-jar candles is between 150 grams and 400 grams. We know that candles are generally put away in glass bottles, however, some candle sellers use metal jars. This is where single candle packaging ideas would help your business a lot.

  • Cardboard boxes for candles

Cardboard material is famous as the best one when it comes to designing boxes for candles. Cardboard has flexible nature. In this context, its most huge benefit is that you could get the boxes in different unique shapes, for example, heart shapes.

  • Corrugated is perfect for luxury candle packaging

Corrugated material is perfect for luxury candle packaging. In fact, it would be is the most ideal decision for efficient packaging. Same as cardboard, corrugated is made of folded cardboard.

For the most part, folded cardboard has three layers and five layers. Because of the wave layered cardboard in the center, the corrugated cardboard box has great strength and amazing obstruction. The best thing is, you could get it at a low cost. Hence, for those brands with a limited packaging financial plan, it is a decent idea for your packaging arrangement.

  • The tube shape is captivating for candle packaging wholesale

The tube box is also famous as the cylinder box. To begin with, the cardboard is moved into a cylinder shape of different measurements by a machine. The width of the cylinder can be 4 cm to 26 cm. Then, a layer of meager paper is stuck on the outside of the cylinder.

This tube shape would be captivating for your candle packaging wholesale. Even better, a tube shape turns out to become the trending shape in the market these days. Hence, you could expect this unique packaging to grab more customers toward your beautiful candles.

Candle Gift Box Packaging Ideas

There are different types of fragrance-based treatment in the commercial center these days. We could see fragrant candles and fragrant fundamental oils. Yet, the candle’s costs range is a bit high, which can address the issues of some customers. For instance, we know how fragrant candles are used in business spots to work on the quality of services and the environment. Notwithstanding, some people keep these candles at home to further develop life.

To meet the various requirements of customers, more candle brands launch their candles in enchanting candle gift box packaging. More than that, they would typically include a few items and devices to use the candles.

The packaging design, material choice, and artwork for this packaging might be more complex yet elegant than the single candle boxes. Eventually, you could get the unique style for this packaging. For instance, you could use sleeve style to make the packaging look splendid. Or else, you could add a beautiful window shape to entice your customers further. Yet, always make sure you would get the candle boxes that match your brand identity.

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