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Online whiteboard for brainstorming in 2022

What is an online whiteboard for brainstorming?


Using an online whiteboard for brainstorming can help solve problems, identify opportunities, and make decisions. Individual or group brainstorming sessions are possible. Mind maps, flowcharts, cluster diagrams, reverse brainstorming, and brainwriting are all forms of brainstorming.

How to Conduct a Brainstorming Session


  • Set a goal for your brainstorming session. Defining your goal at the end of the brainstorming session will help you stay focused.
  • Pick a brainstorming tool that fits your session. Using a collaborative brainstorming tool like Dojoit, you can collaborate with others in real-time, regardless of proximity. Keep track of their development, go back to prior iterations at any moment, and organize your brainstorming session however you like.
  • Select a facilitator who can keep the session moving. A facilitator should ensure that everyone engages and no one dominates a group brainstorming session.
  • Work with the right people. Send attendees an email invitation ahead of time so they may prepare their notes and study. The meeting’s purpose determines who attends. Assemble a team with diverse skill sets and expertise.
  • For the session, create a mind map, spreadsheet, or list. Affirm the participation of all parties and the consideration of all opinions Sort and rank ideas based on their urgency or importance.
  • Create a plan of action for implementing the prioritized ideas and assigning tasks.



Online whiteboard collaboration makes brainstorming fun.

What Is Online Brainstorming?


Online brainstorming may help any team interact and progress a project. It is a relatively new innovation that allows teams to engage digitally.

Online brainstorming sessions typically use technology that imitates in-person brainstorming tools. An online whiteboard, video conferencing, and file sharing are examples.

Online brainstorming is portable. Any team member can engage remotely, even if they aren’t physically there. This enhances your flexibility in terms of who can attend and when. Tracking everyone’s participation using an online whiteboard can assist.

Is an Online Whiteboard Required for Brainstorming?


A web-based whiteboard like Dojoit can be a great tool for online brainstorming. Dojoit does not rely on the size of a whiteboard. An endless board allows for ongoing brainstorming.

Dojoit’s online whiteboard also has a variety of features that make it suited for teams of various sizes.

Each whiteboard comes with a toolbox tailored to your team’s needs. Everything is grouped in a single palette, making it easy to pick what you need and get started.

For each brainstorming session, you host, add it to your dashboard. You can then arrange it to your liking, making everything conveniently accessible.

Simple Templates: Hoylu contains templates to help you organize your workspace. You can also import your own templates.

Do you use pull planning? Hoylu has built-in modules that allow you to operate more efficiently with your team.



Before using an online whiteboard, decide on your online brainstorming session’s format. The good news is that you can easily prepare your team for a productive brainstorming session.

The first step is to identify the problem. This will be your brainstorming topic. This is usually a short question with multiple answers. Leave enough room to explore many elements of the issue without being too broad.

After defining the question, decide who should be involved in the brainstorming session. This should be a list of persons interested in the outcome. They may contribute a perspective to the brainstorming session that experts may ignore. Including too many people will make it difficult to hear everyone’s voice.

Next, decide how the brainstorming session will lead to the next stage of the process. This means establishing a method for debating and compiling ideas. You may, for example, ask participants to vote on the top three ideas discussed. Those ideas might then be presented to a smaller group.



Finally, to have a constructive discussion, you must be able to define your brainstorming technique. You must consider the personality of the participants in the brainstorming session. You should also explicitly state the session’s goals. Once these details are determined, they should be shared with the participating team.

Clearly disclose the location of the brainstorming session to your team. If you’re utilizing an online whiteboard, send attendees a link to the session ahead of time so they can prepare.

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