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Fragmented Stacks: Agile and Economic in Multicloud Computing

When it comes to managing cloud computing and network security, network monitoring and NOC service tools play an important role. It’s the new normal to use multicloud computing. Enterprises worldwide are adopting a multicloud strategy at an accelerated rate. MarketsandMarkets predicts that multicloud management and cloud operations will grow at a rate exceeding 30% from 2017 to 2022. To drive business results through technology, you need an IT strategy that embraces heterogeneity and takes a proactive multicloud approach.

Multicloud adoption presents a range of challenges for enterprises. To manage network design, operations, and data governance across multiple cloud providers, new methods and technologies are required. As well as monitoring and managing network operations and security, they must be able to transport applications and data across environments. Cloud service contracts come in many forms, making it hard to calculate true technology costs, and supporting multiple services can be challenging to recruit for.

For businesses to be successful, they must manage security, service level agreements (SLAs), skill sets, tools, and all other forms of inconsistency across fragmented technology stacks to drive both agility and predictable economic returns.

Free and Open Source Network Monitoring Tools: Listed Best of Them

Let us see how NOC Service Tools monitor the network –

Cacti Network Monitoring Tool

Data collection and polling are both methods of gathering information about devices on a network. Additionally, SNMP polling is supported, and data collection scripts can be customized to meet your needs. This information is then displayed in an easy-to-understand graph, allowing your business to organize it however they feel most comfortable.

Monitor your network with EventSentry

Your enterprise can gather and interpret data from logs on network-connected devices. In addition to system health monitoring, EventSentry Light provides service monitoring, performance monitoring, and hardware failure monitoring.

The Famatech Advanced IP Scanner Tool provides network monitoring

With Famatech’s Advanced IP Scanner, you can monitor and analyze LAN networks and devices for free. By using Advanced IP Scanner, you can scan for devices on your network and control connected computers and nodes remotely. If you know that the device isn’t in use and consuming valuable resources, you can switch computers off from the tool. With the tool, you can manage IP addresses remotely with Famatech’s Radmin remote IT management solution.

Network monitoring provided by Icinga

Icinga measures network performance and availability using open-source software. Your enterprise can observe hosts and applications across your entire network infrastructure through a web interface. Adaptable to all types of devices, the tool is natively scalable. Additionally, Icinga offers specific monitoring modules such as monitoring for VMware’s vSphere cloud environment and business process modeling.

LibreNMS Tool provides network monitoring

LibreNMS is an open-source network monitoring system that monitors every device in your network using several network protocols. The LibreNMS API supports retrieval, management, and graphing of the collected data and supports horizontal scaling for monitoring capabilities to grow with your network. You can download an iOS or Android application as well.

Network monitoring is provided by LogRhythm NetMon Freemium

LogRhythm NetMon Freemium is a free version of LogRhythm NetMon that allows for the same enterprise-grade packet capturing and analysis capabilities as the full version. Freemium users can detect and respond to network threats using data packet analysis even though there are limitations on packet storage and data processing. As with the full version, it also features an alerting system for network threats, enabling you to monitor the performance and security of your network.

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