List of Websites to Create Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards are the latest approach to transmitting contact information. business cards, also known as virtual or electronic business cards, are more interactive, cost-effective, and long-lasting than their traditional counterparts. Digital Business Cards are a new method to share your contact information and important content, which may help you expand your professional network and build your business. A digital business card’s objective is straightforward: it allows you to let you interact with more potential clients, partners, and co-workers. A digital business card is a file that contains vital information about yourself and your company. 

In one click, a digital card maker design can be shared online. You may add interactive components like links to your card in addition to a name, position, and contacts. 

Unlike a physical business card, an electronic business card allows you to reach a larger audience. In this article we discuss the list of websites for creating e-business card makers


They realized that business cards are important, but that they don’t work in the digital age, so they set out to discover a solution. With Knowee, users may upload their old business cards or create new ones using a digital platform. They can share a URL or a QR code on their business cards.


Inigo is a cloud-based solution for managing digital business cards that contains configurable layouts, branded visuals, and information about your employees. Users may share outbound links to business cards with customers and alter them to match their requirements using Inigo.


This is a cutting-edge business card solution that allows recipients to acquire their cards without having to download the app. Haystack also allows you to scan, share, update, and preserve contact information with a simple scan of the card. You may also start from scratch with your card. The Premium plan is $4 per month, while the Enterprise plan is $199 per month. A Forever Free option is also available.


This is one of the most technologically advanced electronic cards on the market. You may utilize the platform to create a digital center where customers can choose how they want to engage with you. For example, provide a quick bio that conveys a little more about yourself. You may also include a video introduction and links to all of your social media sites in your bio. OneCard has a free plan, but you’ll have to pay $12 per month or $120 per year if you want premium features.


SnapDat is a free mobile business card app for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch that can be downloaded from the App Store. The patent-pending solution allows mobile users to share contact information using “SnapCards,” which are graphically rich mobile business cards that may be customized.


The Switchit app has everything you need to create a virtual business card, manage your contacts, and follow up on leads. The SMART contact manager allows you to automatically acquire contacts, add and change contacts, and see historical data. Switchit supports global communications and file attachments, allowing you to share crucial files with anybody you meet.

KADO Networks

KADO Networks offers a digital business card solution that goes above and beyond in terms of administration. You can easily customize your digital business card using this digital business card platform. And can exchange contact information by QR code or link. You can import and scan paper cards to add them to your contact list instantly. As well as create notes and record events directly in the app using the KADO network. This program is also highly beneficial and easy to use. Because it allows you to network and connects with other users.


Evernote, the well-known notepad app, is also a great way to scan business cards. When you upload a new photo as a note, Evernote will usually recognize papers and business cards and snap them using its document scanner mode. It will be saved as a Business Card note in Evernote, with spaces for contact information, a photo of the card, and any notes you want to add. After that, you may save the contact to your address book or have Evernote remind you to contact them.

About. me

You may use About. me to turn your app page into a shareable electronic business card that you can send via email or text message. You may publish any combination of information on your about. me page, including your email, photo, phone number, and more. Your recipients will be able to save your contact information to their address book on their phones.

Wrapping up: It’s easy to make a digital business card, and it only takes a few minutes. To begin, you’ll need to download a digital business card app. After you’ve downloaded the app to your iPhone or Android smartphone, you’re ready to start with your first virtual card. HiHello also allows you to make a digital business card on your computer; simply register an account and you’ll be able to create, edit, and view your cards, as well as your contacts.


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