IS really slow internet is the death of the economy?

It is said that the future of the economy will depend on what kind of telecommunication supply we have. In fact, technology is more common today than ever before in our history. Many things in the world in terms of technology are at least the mining of corrupt currencies, the most famous example of which is bitcoin. Others believe that ISPs’ reluctance to provide affordable services to the general public is slowing down the economy as a whole.

But what is the truth?

All types of communication are based on optical fiber. For decades, fiber has been used in spinal networks between operators and different countries. Previously, it was sufficient to use, for example, a wireless connection between the operator and the home. The problem here, however, was a kind of barrier that lowers the quality of the connection. According to the laws of physics, the data transmission capacity of a wireless connection will never be sufficient. This is especially troubling in more remote areas where there is a long distance between base stations. Ultimately, however, fiber will need to be imported into every home to increase usage and increase connection speeds. Base stations always require a trunk connection, although wireless connections make life much easier. As a result, base stations move slightly more directly to homes, where they are directly connected to the fiber-optic network.

Price to be paid for speed

Online services provided by many companies are expensive, for example, the connection fee for a fiber-optic connection can be several hundred euros and even then, you have to pay a monthly fee in addition to the amount paid to the operator. Also, have to pay.

In fact, many believe that the reason for the high internet fees and ever-increasing prices is purely the desire of companies to make more money at the expense of their customers. But the way we need fuel for our car, and we refuel it regardless of the price because we need a car to go to work or otherwise space A to B, we ISPs Those who work on behalf of pay the requested price for the Internet. Connection Since many things are needed online today. The connection must be active and reasonably fast.

The other side of the coin

As an interesting detail, the other side of the argument about the value of broadband suggests that the Internet has a significant positive impact on the economy and that it is actually accelerating economic growth. It has been found that increasing the availability of broadband. The current broadband momentum has enabled all countries to enter wider markets and thus improve their own economic position.

In some countries:

Studies show that in some countries, household income has increased hundreds of times annually since the introduction of broadband. There are many reasons for this development. One of them is that faster internet is always equal to better and more efficient work opportunities. It has also been found that the higher the broadband speed. The more efficient the individual is.

In addition, there are signs that broadband has enabled more and more people to get a better education, as it will enable them to acquire more information and earn money and, consequently, become richer. Will be able Similarly, in countries. Where broadband is not available, competition is weakened at many different levels.

Why is fiber optic a sure choice?

Optical fiber enables the entire economy to be used online on many devices. You can play, watch streaming, take care of things, or work away from home, and still have fiber optic connectivity. Videos are downloaded instantly and remote work is easy. With Fiber, speed is always as promised and unaffected, even if all the neighbors are playing online poker at the same time. In fact, new high-speed casinos have grown in popularity, and these high-speed casinos go live, without the hassle of time and cumbersome verification.


Many people are shining for 5G, but the truth is that fiber optics already enables all the features that 5G has promised in the future. Many people seem to think that 5G is a fiber replacement service. However, the reality is that 5G networks require an even more comprehensive fiber-optic network to operate. As base stations need to be connected to a higher density and fiber optic network, or otherwise the promised top.  5G thus depends on the optical fiber that supports it. If there is no fiber-optic network near your property, 5G will never get there.

Technology challenges

For companies that are still using outdated technology, it may take some time for them to get up and running. This is because installing and launching new technology can be quite expensive. In addition, various regulatory aspects must be taken into account.

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