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Is Image Compression really necessary?

Imagine your assignment is due for an hour, you are surfing the web for necessary research for your assignments, and the websites you open doesn’t load? How it would make you feel? Pretty frustrated, right? 

Ever wondered what makes the websites load slowly? Or not load at all? 

This happens due to hefty image sizes, being uploaded on the web! Now being particular, the image size we referred to here doesn’t mean cropping or reducing the image, instead, we are talking about the size of the file! 

Everything comprises weight, right? So does your image! You must have noticed that while uploading a file on Gmail if the file comprises the file size in KBs, it would be attached more quickly than a file whose size is in MBs. Similar is the case with the images! 

The greater the image file size would be, the more time it would take for the image to upload, and similarly, the more time it would consume to load the websites! 

Having said that, this all brings us to the question: Is image compression really necessary? 

Well, it is! Step into the guide to find out more!  

First thing first, What image compression is? 

Always remember, in order to find out if something’s necessary, you should always know what it is exactly, in this case without knowing what image compression is, you won’t be able to tell if it’s really necessary or not! 

Image compression is a sort of data compression technique that is applied to the digital image to minimize the cost of their storage or transmission – which means, without hindering the actual file or the quality of the image, the file size would be reduced to its the lesser mode. For e.g: an Mbs, file turned into Kbs!  

Is it really worth it? 

After getting to know what image compression really is, it brings us to the viable question, is it is really worth it? 

Well, our answer is a “Big round cheesy YES”! Image compression comes with holding profound advantages for you that explain pretty well why image compression is worth giving a shot! 

Save Space! 

As said earlier, compress images saves you tons of disk space! Let’s suppose that your disk allowed you to store 100 non-compressed images if only you compressed these hundred images, it would enhance your disk capability to store a hundred more images with ease! 

The same goes for a smartphone as well! If you compress images present on your smartphones, it will help you save a handful of storage on your device! 

Makes the websites loads faster! 

Compressing images can do wonders for web admins. You must be aware of the fact that when the data is uploaded to the website, it impacts the server of the website. Hence, the more data you would upload to the website, the more it would hinder the load time of the istanbul escort website. 

This is where compressed images come in handy! Compressed image not only save you from hindering the website server but also makes it convenient for you to load your website within a reduced load time! 

When your website loads quickly and shows off images in a fast-paced manner, the visitor would love to stay on your website for quite a while!

Makes it faster to upload on Social media! 

We all are fond of using social media, don’t we? – and uploading pictures on social media is something we can’t resist! 

Has it occurred to you that an image you are trying to upload on your social account is taking a lot longer than it usually does? This is because the file size of that image is a large one! 

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation again, try compressing the size of the image first, and then re-upload it to your social media account – and this time you would witness how quickly it would be uploaded.

With that being said, with a compressed image in hand, you won’t have to wait anymore to share your pictures with the world! 

Opens quickly in Image editing softwares! 

It’s obvious that not many of us are photogenic, neither all of us have a good shot! – and this is where photo-editing softwares comes to help! 

But in order to use this software, you would need to upload your picture first. What if your picture isn’t compressed? No worries, you would have to wait a little longer to upload it on the software? Are you willing to wait for a long period? No, right? 

A compressed image allows you to upload it on editing software neatly, and let you edit and re-download your image within no time! 

After reviewing all the advantages of image compression, you can’t neglect the fact that “Yes, image compression is necessary”! 

Wrapping it up!

Many people aren’t in favor of compressing their images. As they think that compressing images hinders the quality of the image, reduces pixels, or shortened the image dimensions. But trust us, just like every other thing, these all are pure myths! 

Visitors these days love to spend their time on a website that tends to be user-friendly and provides them with a profound experience! Well, compressed image size can help you do that! 

Lately, you can find many online photo compressor over the internet. Choose any one of your likings, try compressing your image, and witness the perks yourself! 


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