How Tutors help child in KS2 (Key Stage 2)

Mathematics can be a challenging lesson that both children and parents can learn. Children often encounter learning barriers that prevent them from progressing and getting help at home can give your child the math skills they need to succeed. In KS2 tutors help the child to learn subjects like English, Maths, and introduction to Science. Do not underestimate the value of your time and effort in the pursuit of your child’s education, a mere 20 to 40 minutes a day will make all the difference in your child’s mathematical comprehension. Many parents do not trust mathematics, and it is important not to express your inappropriate feelings about the lesson to your child. Children can be intimidated by maths especially if they are struggling to develop important skills.

Any negative ideas may reinforce their fear of learning mathematics; children’s reading ability is greatly influenced by their self-esteem. Fear of getting the wrong answer is common among children so encourage your child to try again, (if necessary at a later date). Assure them that they do not have to worry about the wrong answer and may try again later. Remind your child that exercise is perfect and that each lesson is important.


You must understand the mathematical topic you plan to describe. If you are unsure about the topic of mathematics, do some research before giving your child any help in KS2. You need to keep a calm and positive attitude, remembering that reading should be fun and up-building. Do not put pressure on your child, he will not learn. Try to create a quiet and peaceful environment with minimal disturbance.


Mathematics is a continuous lesson and basic maths skills are essential if your child is to thrive in advanced maths. Start with the basics e.G. Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and place value. Make sure your child understands these mathematical facts before trying to improve in other areas.


Your child may given a very accurate math task or are anxious to complete it. Look at your homework and see if you think your child has potential problems. For example, homework problems need repetition and separation and your child has a problem with basic separation. Give your child lessons on separation to remind him or her of the basics before attempting homework. If your child repeatedly brings homework that is too high for him or her to try or understand, talk with his or her teacher about your concerns and ask him or her for more appropriate homework.


Homework can be a problem for parents and children especially if parents are not sure about mathematics. As mentioned earlier, if your child brings homework and does not like maths try not to introduce him or her. Do not say, “I hated fractions even at school”. KS2 will strengthen your child’s belief that maths is very difficult to read. If you are unsure about your homework, check it for yourself before trying to help your child. Try to solve problems yourself, if you can then you may need to do a little research or invest in some software or books.

Educational resources

There are a few options available besides the expensive private tutor. Software and books are your choices. Remember, it is important to choose the right level for your child. For example, if your child is struggling with the basics of an important phase 2, then it may be a good idea to buy a phase 1 key product. You can purchase an educational exercise book for about £ 2.99 – £ 4.50. This can be very expensive over time as you will need to buy more books, as they may not give you enough practice for your child. They are not reusable, (I found this while deleting my daughter’s responses, she just followed the trail of the previous response she had left behind). Your child may also be tempted to look back for answers, (I used to cut out a page and lose it). It also takes time to mark the answers, I used to feel sorry for marking the answers as incorrect.

Child’s results

Software is a logical and novel way to teach mathematics effectively, especially when there are funny characters and colourful pictures. It is better to choose a product that does not have a game-like format. Their thinking process will be disrupted and your child will find it difficult to concentrate. Look for software that gives you the ability to test your child’s results, print certificates, provide comprehensive examples and references, combine tests, and present in-depth lessons in a structured format. This type of educational assistance is not very expensive, you can buy good quality KS2 PC software for £ 7.40 to £ 9.99.

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