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How to Write Eye-Catching Blog Articles for a Larger Following

Blogging businesses reportedly Writing an eye-catching blog article is a craft that requires time and practice. You may have started writing blog articles already, but want to improve your articles’ flow. You may feel uncertain about the details of your content that could drive traffic to your website and get your business more noticed. If so, here are a few tips that can enhance the quality of your blog articles and help your business grow. 

Writing a blog post that catches attention might be more complex than you think. It takes thinking about an interesting topic to benefit your audience. The best blogs aren’t created in a rush, it can take a few days to come up with an excellent idea, and writing a quality piece takes at least several hours. As an increased number of employees are working remotely, you should invest time and effort in learning to create quality, sought-after blog posts.

Be Passionate and Dedicate Time for Growth

It helps to be knowledgeable and passionate about the topic you are writing, but even so the more time you dedicate to researching, polishing, and editing your post, the better it gets. Being a beginner blogger, unless your blog posts are urgent, you shouldn’t write more than one piece a week, to allow yourself ample time to learn the craft properly. Remember, compelling blog post ideas don’t just jump out of your head, it takes a lot of impressions and creative thinking.

To write engaging blog posts that people love to read, you should break them down into the following steps: 

  • Carefully think about your topic, title, and outline, research it, and check facts for authenticity. 
  • Come up with headlines that captivate your audience and logically match your content flow.
  • Write your draft post either in one go or gradually build it up. 
  • Use Pinterest or Unsplash images to make your post more readable and visual, and easier to grasp.
  • Re-read and edit your post for better quality and easier read. 

Design Your Topic

Most importantly, be passionate about your topic so it can sound natural! Your zest shines through your lines and makes your articles readable. Or not. Accept that you cannot write all your posts with the same enthusiasm, some of them can feel more challenging. On difficult days when you struggle to get your brain rolling, you could use some blog topic generators.

Photo by Med Badr Chemmaoui on Unsplash

You can craft the best blog articles with careful planning, research, and writing a well-structured outline. Doing thorough research might sound cliche, but it’s a crucial part of work for professional bloggers. They jump between topics daily and nobody knows everything. Ideally, they get to write in areas they are highly skilled in!

What Makes Headlines Catchy

There are no rigid rules, as long as they sound good. You can compose your headline after writing your entire post or can put it down after your title, and go back to edit if needed. Depending on your article, see what best works for you, and your style. Sometimes, making your headline a question can also work if your audience is genuinely interested in the topic. Although these are becoming rare nowadays. 

Writing Your Blog Post

It is your choice to write your post at once, or in parts with breaks. Generally, the faster any work gets done, the better. When blogging, you may experience having a foggy brain at times, so returning to your work after a pleasant, sunny walk could help your creativity flow. You should aim to write as much as you can in one go, and create coherently flowing, capturing content. One thing is certain, the more you practice it, the better you get! No shortcuts exist here.

Your Images Can Work Miracle

If well-written, carefully selected images can turn your blog post into a masterpiece. Just like with your tone, use your pictures to add some cheekiness, not to sound boring! It can be hard to both write and read even the best-crafted article without some breaks. That’s the human mind you need to tame! This is why we use appealing pictures! They not only give the reading mind a chance to rest a bit but the funnier the better! Laughter is the medicine we all need!


Edit Your Post

Make sure you don’t only check sentence structure, grammar, and typos, but the shorter your sentences, the better. You want to avoid repetition and rewrite boring parts not to sound vague! You know you have done a good job when you got rid of lengthy sentences that make understanding harder! The easy, natural, and simple flow of sentences is crucial to maintaining your readers’ interest! It can help to re-read your article aloud or ask for a second opinion, or professional help. 


You need to write distinguished articles consistently to reach your desired following if you want to compete with others. Especially if the language of your written post is not your first language, be content with the fact that it’s never going to be perfect. Still strive to do your best! Don’t spare cutting unnecessary, wordy sentences, and try to avoid passive voice as much as possible. Also the shorter and more transparent your paragraphs, the easier to read them!

People tend to think it is not that hard to write blog posts until they do it. Especially writing a high-quality and well-edited piece. Nevertheless, in today’s competitive business environment it is not enough to only come up with unique ideas, write a few of them each month, and post them on social media platforms. The market is oversaturated. The good news is, if you put in enough effort, with time, blogging can get easier. 

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