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How to Transfer Office 365 to New Computer ?

Summary: Are you among those users who are searching for solutions for how to transfer Office 365 to a new computer? If your answer is affirmative then you are on the right platform, we have got you covered in this situation. Through this article, we will give you all the possible methods that can resolve your request in an efficient manner.

The Process to Transfer Office 365 to New Account

  1. First of all, deactivate Office 365 installation
  2. Secondly, Install and active Office 365 on a new PC

If you want to transfer Office 365 to new computer, first you need to deactivate from the old PC and then install and active that account to new PC. To accomplish this task, in the upcoming section step by step explanation is given. Follow the steps and complete the task efficiently.

Office 365 Subscription

You can install MS Office on a single or several systems, depending on the license type of the software you have purchased; enterprises typically choose a multi-system license, on the other hand, regular users choose a Home license.

Though transferring Office 365 subscription to another computer can be a time taking a d tiresome task, there are some limitations set forth by MS (software product installation and transfer policies) that are considered before the transfer is done.

To transfer office 365  to new computer three (3) requirements must be fulfilled:

  • A 25-character product key is included with every paid MS product and is required for activating the software.
  • The Office installation should be able to be transferred to another system if the license allows it.
  • The Office installation media should match the Product Key.

# Deactivate Office 365 from Old PC

  • Firstly, visit at – and then, login in to Office account by entering ID and Password
  • Now, go to the install information section, here you see installed and activated Office 365. Here, you see the Deactivate Install option. Just click on it.
  • After that, a confirmation dialog appears on your screen, click on Deactivate 

After following these above-mentioned steps Office 365 is deactivated from the old computer. Follow the below outline steps to activate the same on your new computer. 

Install and Active Office 365 to New Computer

  1. First login in to to the new PC where you want to transfer the Office 365 license
  2. After that click on your account and then tap on My Account
  3. From the install section, click on Install to download Office 365 setup. Once it is done it will automatically install Office 365 on your system
  4. Enter the email address which is used to buy the Office 365 subscription, when it asks to enter the email ID to activate your copy of Office 365

This is a simple procedure if you want to transfer Office 365 to a new computer. By following the above-outlined steps you can easily do the task. What if you want the Office 365 email data to new PC for this you must use Office 365 to Office 365 Migration software.

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With this software, you can easily accomplish the task within a few simple steps.

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Bringing it all together!

In this informative write-up, we have explained each and every detail of the topic. Transfer Office 365 to new computer can be easily accomplished by following the above simple steps. But if you want to transfer Office 365 email data to new computer then, you must use professional software for this. The advanced utility can perform the request within a few clicks. Even a person who doesn’t have that much technical skills can easily perform the task easily. This is the best yet smart software with easy to use interface. It will give you exact and accurate results without any data alteration. And also maintains the data integrity.

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