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How to Start Gym in India for Commercial Purpose?

The gym business or fitness industry is a rewarding business in India. Gyms are popular and though it is possible to work out at home, gyms provide numerous benefits which come with it. Gyms have equipment that is expensive to buy and occupies a lot of space for many people. More than that, gyms and people who work regularly are sources of inspiration for those who are just starting out.

With the increasing interest in fitness among the people, this excitement has changed into a business. There is a huge possibility of business growth when you begin a gym business. If you want to build a huge market, then there are a few steps that you should follow to start a gym in India besides planning and financial guidelines.


Location is a vital criterion when you decide to start a gym business. Success or failure is majorly dependent on location. If the gym is located near a residential or commercial site, then it will have visibility among the consumers. However, if the location is beyond the reach of consumers, your business might fail. While searching for a place, investors should consider the essentials such as visibility, street access, and parking.

Get Required Licenses

The businesses should meet the regulations and guidelines set by the government. Gym registration is needed. Similar to other businesses, a gym should be registered as a partnership firm or a sole proprietorship. The other documents are building permits, tax registration, investment-related agreements, and others.

There should be special permits for spas, indoor swimming pools, locker rooms, and others. Insurance is a crucial part of gyms so that damages and accidents are covered. GST registration is compulsory in specific cases. Clearance from the Police department is mandatory for fitness businesses.

Fitness trainers

It is important to hire fitness trainers while you start a gym. Fitness trainers will provide proper training and provide advice to clients. The services can ensure a long-lasting relationship. The fitness trainers should be certified by a reputed institute. These days many gym brands are providing gym training along with global certification.

Hire experienced trainers as they can improve the quality of services. They can give you ideas for your new business and the way to make it better.


Top-quality gym equipment is vital for gyms. A gym set up must have the basic equipment as follows:

  • Training Benches- They are the basic equipment needed for training exercises. The benches should be easily adjusted and should be of high quality.
  • Pull up bars and frames-These equipment will require ceiling or wall support to mount.
  • Free Weights-They include a wide range of equipment including dumbbell sets, kettlebell sets, barbell sets, weight plates, and other equipment, which use weights. These should be in greater numbers for many members. of this equipment.
  • Cardio equipment- Stationary bicycles, treadmills, and punching bags are cardio equipment needed in all gyms. A large gym needs 5-15 of them. Punching bags might be fewer and shall require ceiling support. A gym needs other accessories including fitness balls, resistance bands, abs wheels, rowing machines, battle ropes, mats, and others.
  • Interiors- The interiors should be well-constructed with good paintings, bright lights, and a lot of motivational posters. The halls should have mirrors and bumpers below to prevent equipment to roll away.


The standard packages cannot retain members for a long time. You should offer additional activities and deals including physiotherapy, fat loss programs, aerobics, Zumba, or specialized training, which can add value.

Marketing a gym business

Marketing a gym business can make a huge difference in how you will perform and also maintain growth. Create a website and market on various social media platforms. The website must have all the information about your gym and its offerings. Generate SEO-optimized content.

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A strong SEO strategy can give off huge returns. To promote your business by getting on Instagram. You can post pictures of your gym and people who are working out. You can make interesting stories so that people feel interested to join.

Gym software

If you plan with many members then you will require gym management software. It shall keep track of all members, their progress routines, comments, special needs, and regularity. This information will help you determine the important business-centric metrics. If you start from small, the software is a bit costly.

Bottom Line

If you want to start a gym for commercial purposes the location, commercial gym equipment, the initial investment, trainers, interiors, and space are very important. Starting a gym is a good option for those who want to start a franchise or are experienced in this field. Opening a fitness center is easy for people who want to lead a healthy life. Just follow these steps.

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