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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Data From USB Drive – A Flawless Guide to Learn

In this technological arena, the USB drive is the basic need of every single person. Almost everyone utilizes a USB drive or pen drive in their day-to-day life. But, often users are confronted with an issue such as data loss due to formatting. Once users lose their crucial data files from the hard drive. At times, they start searching for an instant solution to resolve how to recover permanently deleted data from USB drives. So, we considered this issue and come up with an automated solution which we are going to disclose below. Hence, go thoroughly to the entire post to understand this issue properly. But, before proceeding ahead primarily, go through the below-outlined user’s query. The following scenario mentioned below is taken from the forum website. Let’s have a look:

User’s Real-Time Scenario

“Today! I am working on my official project on my local machine. But, all of sudden my system is shut-down due to a power cut. After some time, I realized that I lost all the important files that were stored in it. When I recognize that I lose my entire data so, I find so many resolutions but no one provides me the desired output. Though, I need those files urgently, is it possible to get them back? If yes, then please recommend me an effective solution to recover permanently deleted data from USB drive. Any assistance would be gratifying. Thanks in advance.”

Instant Way to Recover Permanently Deleted Data From USB Drive

After knowing that, there is no availability of a manual method in case of permanently deleted data from the USB drive. But, do not worry! It is still possible that you can recover permanently deleted data from USB drive. Using this USB Drive Data recovery tool, you can quickly recover permanently deleted data from USB drive.

Mainly, this tool is programmed to restore corrupted, permanently deleted, and formatted data files from USB drive or pen drive without any omission. This software has the ability to recover photos, video, music, documents, and other multimedia data files within a few clicks.

Moreover, using this tool, a non-technical user can also perform the permanently deleted data recovery procedure. Because it consists of a self-explanatory or user-friendly interface that proves helpful to savvy users.

However, this utility provides 100% secure and absolute recovery of permanently deleted data. So, just click on the below-mentioned download button to install this utility on your windows pc.

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Steps to Restore Permanently Deleted Data From USB Drive

Here, we will be going to list out the instructions to execute the permanently deleted data recovery process. Mainly, we have discussed the direction appropriately. You just have to follow all the steps adequately to get the expected resultant. Let’s get started:

  • After perfectly downloading the SysTools USB deleted data recovery software. Initially, the application will display all the connected drive
  • Then, you have to choose the wished drive from which you have formatted your important data files. And then, the tool will display all the precise attributes of that drive automatically.
  • Here, the software will provide you with two different options for scanning the drive such as Scan or Formatted Scan. As its name suggests scan so, you have to select this option to scan your USB drive.
  • After completion of the scanning process now, software will list the complete recovered data along with item count. And the software will emphasize the folders which involve data inside with bold black. Now, you can review retrieved USB drive permanently deleted data in the software pane.
  • Lastly, hit a click on the Save button from the top pane of the software to store recovered data components at your desired location.


Once you recognize that you mistakenly or intentionally permanently deleted your crucial data files from USB drive. So, you should immediately stop using the device or adding new data items on it. Because in case, you input new data files then, it will create a new issue for you i.e., overwritten. However, when the data files are getting overwritten so, it becomes impossible to recover permanently deleted data from the USB drive.

Concluding Words

This blog emphasizes the perfect and reliable technique to recover permanently deleted data from USB drive. Mainly, there are so many blogs present over the internet which claims that this can be possible manually. But, we want to let you know that it is impossible to recover permanently deleted data manually. However, this can be workable with a third-party tool only. Though, to do so, you can utilize SysTools Pen Drive Permanently Deleted Data Recovery Tool. Using this smart and handy tool, you can efficiently recover permanently deleted data from USB drive.

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