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How to Print MSG Files in Batch?

The following blog basically targets those concerned users who are eagerly searching for the best solution to batch print MSG files including attachments.

“Recently, I came across some important MSG files. As they contain some important info. I need to save and print them but I do not have the Outlook application installed in my system. Suggest me a solution that can help me. Thanks!”

As we see these users and many other users want to save MSG files. But surprisingly, the process in batch, is not the well known one. Very few of us know the best available technique that can do the job without any hassle.

This article is an informative attempt for the needy users who are looking for the solution. Prior to that we will also learn the importance to print MSG files.

Importance to Print Outlook Messages 

PDF is considered to be a safe and secure format across the world. It can be ported anywhere we want and it does not require any special application to open, read, and print it. When we compare the MSG file which is considered as a vulnerable format. 

The portable file format contains strong security measures. Moreover, this file is even admissible to the court of law as forensic evidence. 

It is a password protected file format. This file will preserve and safeguard your info. from any snooping. It is the read only file format. Therefore, any change in the document will leave a footprint.

We are well aware of the fact that MSG files have multiple users but it is not providing many features that will satisfy the users. Thus, users need to save MSG files to PDF in batch.  This comes with two solutions. The users just need to follow one of them to resolve the problem.

 Manual Steps to Print MSG Files

  • Open MS Outlook and select an email
  • Choose the File Tab and go for the Save As option
  • Select any desired location to saving the mails
  • Hit on the Drag and Drop list of Save as Type
  • And select HTML format
  • Once the task is done, the files are saved as .html now search for the file storage location
  • Right click on the file and open it on the MS Word
  • Hit on the Office button and press Save As
  • At last, go for the Find add-ins for the other file format and save it as PDF document format.

Users can print MSG files including attachments but there are multiple barriers that comes using this method.

Though, it seems easy but it is only employable only with few files. One file can be converted at a time. If the users have a large number of files then, this is a very lengthy process. 

And also this method has no guarantee for safe conversion. If you are looking for a guaranteed solution you need to follow the professional method. In the next we will elaborate the automated way MSG to PDF converter in an effective manner.

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Automated Solution to Save MSG File including Attachments

Though, there are multiple online solutions available across the masses that claim to print MSG files with attachments in an easier way. But this converter is powerful and unbeatable among all of them. 

It has many attractive features some of them are below:

  • It provides an option of automated deletion of folders of the MSG Files in the machine.
  • The tool reads the message files via different views such as header, properties, hex etc.
  • It provides the users with eight naming conventions to sort mails via attributes
  • The software has a simple and easy interface, the newcomer will feel absolutely comfortable while performing the task.
  • It also selectively save MSG files to PDF using the wizard with ease.

Steps to Print MSG files with Attachments using Software

  • Foremost download and install the wizard download the wizard
  • After that add desired Outlook email you want to print see the MSG file
  • Here you will see the multiple preview modessee the multiple preview modes
  • From the Export Option choose PDF and at last click Export. choose pdf and click export

The Final Note

From the above write-up, we have discussed how to print MSG files in batch with and without Outlook application. Additionally we have provided you with the best professional approach that can easily do the job without facing any issue. As the manual methods have multiple shortcomings. Therefore, it is recommended to use the automated solution to print Outlook messages easily along with attachments.

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