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How to Print MBOX Files with Attachments?

Overview: The article will illustrate each and every possible details to print MBOX files along with its attachments. For some users this is a difficult task to do. But we are here with you and provide you with the best solution. Stay with us to know the details.

In today’s modern world, email communication is still considered as the safest and the fastest means of communication. There are multiple email applications in the internet arena. And these are mainly of two types one is desktop based and other is web based application. Web applications store their data information on cloud whereas the desktop based application creates storage files locally.

MBOX file format is an email Mailbox. It is a generic term that represents a collection of electronic mail messages. It stores all the messages of the entire folder in a single database file. The file is supported by multiple email applications like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, PocoMail, and so many others.  

The most crucial part of the email application is its email messages or folders. Email messages play a vital role in the personal as well as professionally. No person will afford the loss of any data information. Therefore, for preventing yourself from losing the important emails it is mandatory to take backup and print MBOX files with attachments. Thus, for printing the files PDF is the best option. That is why there is a need to convert the MBOX file to the portable document format. This will benefit the users by making the file portable for multiple use.

Need to Save MBOX File Along with Attachments

Every person needs their information to be on a secure platform. PDF is the best choice considering all its safety measures. It is a globally accepted file format. It is easy to view and share the content with anyone using PDF document format .The biggest advantage of this format is that it compresses a high quality file into small size. 

PDF document format is a password protected file format. It will preserve and safeguard your data information from any snooping. It is the read only file format and therefore, any alteration in the file will leave a footprint. This feature is considered to be very useful for investigation purposes.  evde iş

Whenever it is required by the users to print MBOX Files with its attachments. There are two ways that are available. It is totally up to users to use whatever solution  they want to.

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Print MBOX Files with Attachments Using Thunderbird Application Manually

  • Start a Thunderbird application on your PC. After that, download and install the ImportExportTools NG add on.
  • Next, choose the emails from the existing mailbox folder, you want to print in a PDF.
  • At last, tap on Save Selected Messages >> PDF format

The Thunderbird email client will save the selected MBOX emails to portable file format.

Use Print Option

  • Start Thunderbird application and select an email
  • Now, right click on the selected email
  • Here, you will see the Print option
  • Press on the Print icon to print MBOX files.

 Flaws of the Manual Approach

There are major flaws that users might go through while saving MBOX files using the manual approach. The attachments associated with the mailbox will not be saved.

Moreover, to execute this process you have to install the ImportExportTools NG in the Thunderbird. 

Automated Way to Save MBOX Files

Users can make use of the reliable and quick wizard to save & print Thunderbird emails that too with attachments. Besides this, the tool has a variety of features such as the Advanced Search option to search particular MBOX emails among numerous emails messages.

It has the user-friendly interface because of this a novice person can easily perform the task without any difficulty.

Moreover, the software provides multiple preview modes like Hex, Properties, Normal Mail, HTML, RTF, etc.

Working Steps to Print MBOX Files with Attachments 

  • First of all, run the tool in your local system
  • Now, tap on the Add File option to load the Thunderbird emailsclick on add file 
  • See the various preview modes such as Normal mail, Hex, RTF, etc.see multiple preview modes
  • Choose the Print document format choose print option
  • Finally, you need to click on the Export export button

Key Features of the Conversion Tool

  • It offers you the feature of previewing all the mail messages along with all attachments.
  • The wizard has a user- friendly interface that can be easy for any new user.
  • It also maintains the original folder hierarchy of the file format.
  • The software also offers you the option for setting the PDF file format: paper orientation, Page sizes option etc.
  • It supports Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and all the below versions.
  • The powerful tool doesn’t require any email application installation. Users can convert the mailbox into a PDF in simple steps.
  • It has the ability to maintain integrated structure of email after the procedure of conversion.

In a Word

It is a really challenging task for some of the users to print MBOX files with attachments. However, the manual method suffers from multiple restrictions like inability to save the attachments. In Addition, it is a very time consuming task. To perform the job using the manual approach you need to be technically strong otherwise it is going to be very complex for the users. Thus, to save MBOX files in a smart way it is highly advisable to use the software.

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