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How to print good quality custom stickers in Australia?

Are you planning to promote your business by producing custom business stickers? Creating custom Vinyl stickers these days is not a difficulty anymore. No matter what kind of establishment you run, whether product or service, you need to be remarkable so that people can identify you at first glance and trust you with everything?

A sticker is a small piece of paper or plastic with writing or a picture with a design on it that you can adhere onto a surface. The most suitable choice for you is to keep your design minimalistic. Keep the shading and font crisp and clear. The custom stickers make your products more pleasing and exciting with top-notch quality.

Informative stickers

with eye-catching designs are handy and essential for any company. Whether it can be a fun sticker or essential, our talented team in Istick can help you with perfect stickers for personal and professional needs.

On the other hand, a sticker is more versatile, playful, and fun.

Looking for an easy way to boost your branding, try a custom sticker printing company. Our sticker printing company called Istick in Australia lets you add your logo, business name or images to packages, promotional materials, mail and more.

To create good quality custom stickers in Australia, you need to have the following elements

Extra broad vinyl

Who doesn’t love giving out custom bumper stickers to favourite buyers and customers? Imagine the free advertising your business will receive once they’re all over bumpers throughout your city.

Many large printing companies and material vendors use the best quality vinyl for custom stickers but to get sturdy, create an extra broad thickness to have more impact and be long-lasting vinyl stickers.

It provides a great look and feels and lays down lovely. Istick produces custom sticker printing from the best materials you’ll find, combined with a sturdy paper backing and protective laminate.

High-definition printing

Choosing the artwork that best describes your association is one of the most demanding aspects of creating quality stickers with engaging designs.

Your trademark belongs to you, and it needs to reflect it! Think outside the box with your creative and unique ideas, tell your anecdote. Let your brand reflect your true nature because this is the only thing that will give you a competitive advantage over your foes.

Let your product stand out in the market by having the most custom sticker printing techniques with high resolution and eye-catching details.

Custom stickers printing

companies in Australia produce on a dry ink printing press, creating vivid full-colour images. That means we can easily approximate every colour and print even the most complicated designs. Even highly detailed images always come out fantastic. You can even send us your artwork as is, and we will redraw it from scrape to ensure top-notch print quality.

Heavy-duty adhesive

Digital printing solutions have allowed the production of high-quality stickers that can use for virtually any product. Adhesive stickers are beneficial for particular uses, including business storefronts that want to display their memberships, information, or support causes.

We know that a sticker is only as good as its adhesive. Like the vinyl we use, we find the most acceptable quality adhesive. Istick uses a powerful adhesive that keeps the surface intact, attracting eyeballs.

Show your customers the care and attention to detail that goes into every one of the products you sell by the heavy-duty adhesiveness with scratch, water and UV resistance.


Robust paper backing

Custom sticker printing allows you to benefit from our professional design service to submit your artwork. Either way, Istick, a custom stickers producer in Australia, a team of professional designers will put together eye-catching art based on your instructions and submit it to you for your approval.

The material of your custom labels matters a lot as well. So, choose your design and graphics according to the type of material with a broad range of high-quality flicks to whatever specs you need.

Custom stickers company “Istick” in Australia use a sturdy paper backing to boost the overall strength of the custom stickers so that they keep their quality when stored in your backpack or pocket. It also helps make them more leisurely to peel whether your sticker is die-cut, single cut, broader cut, or decals.


As a custom sticker producer in Australia, we understand that sometimes you want something even more durable and long-lasting. So our custom stickers are scratch, UV resistant and water-resistant for maximum lifespan and durability. In addition, our printing process ensures full-colour, photo-quality reproduction of your selected artwork.

We make our stickers to withstand exposure to wind, rain and sunlight.

Premium vinyl

the stickers are coated with a high-quality protective UV laminate, making them super enduring and resistant to fading, scraping, ripping, and water.

We can produce bright and beautiful stickers in vivid full colour on almost any stock by utilizing the latest print technologies. The prints are solid, sharp and hardwearing and laminated for extra durability. Our custom stickers can withstand the harshest conditions.

Marketing is all about creating brand awareness which is the same as making your brand more recognizable. Whatever you want to brand, Istick is well known for top-notch sticker printing in Australia to help you design stickers that make your business stand out.

At Istick, we pride ourselves on our commitment to producing the best stickers and labels on the Australian market. That’s why we have toiled so hard to streamline the design, selection, and ordering process.

Browse our customizable stickers and find a design that’s right for you, and we will make your stickers with unique shapes individually cut to your liking.

Each sticker printing company has there own way of doing things, with different terms, machinery and systems for producing stickers.

istick is no different. A term that gets bounded around in the world of sticker printing is “custom”, but what does it actually mean – Isn’t every sticker that is different from each other “custom”?

While that is true at istick, we used the term “custom” to mean any sticker with a “custom” die line.

Stickers Dimensions

So at istick the size, stock and artwork don’t affect what we classify as “custom” only its shape dictates this when this term is relevant.

This matters as custom stickers are more expensive than our standard, circle, square, triangle, oval and rectangle printed stickers.

whenever possible it is best to use our quote tool to see if you sticker falls into one of our standard sizes or contact our sales team to get expert advice on the best and most cost-effective way to print your custom and standard stickers.

Branding is very important for small businesses but sometimes limited budgets mean that it can be overlooked and completely ignored.

Young and small businesses starting out can be looking for cheap and easy ways to help with branding and this is where stickers are a great tool.

understand why to let’s look at why branding is so important.  Branding is a way to engage with your customers to allow you to win the all-important sale.

Think of your Brand as what you promise your customers and your Branding as how you display and communicate this to them.

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