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How to Open OLM File? Multiple Solutions

Outlook application is one of the most popular and leading email clients in today’s world. Both the Windows and Mac OS are supported by the Outlook application. The Mac Outlook application uses the OLM file to store all the data. On the other hand, on Windows, the data is stored in a PST file. There are multiple users who ask for solutions to open OLM file without Outlook in Windows.

So, to view OLM file without Outlook, there are unlimited tools present in the market which claims to open OLM file safely. But, are they genuinely trustworthy? As we can’t take risks with our crucial data. So here we are going to mention the best and most reliable solution to read OLM file. The FreeViewer OLM viewer is a tested and experienced software that supports viewing and exploring the OLM files in no time.

Step-by-Step Guide to Open OLM File

Follow the procedure mentioned below to view OLM files:-

  • Click on the “Start Menu”, hit the “Program Files” option, and then the “OLM Viewer” software.

  • Now, search for the OLM file from a specific location from the system

  • After that, the OLM file will get scanned

  • Finally, all the data of OLM files can be viewed easily using the tool.

The OLM viewer software has some advantages which we are going to discuss in the next section of the blog. But before that, you should be aware that there is no manual technique to open OLM file without Outlook. So, we suggest you to go for this automated approach which is safe and secure to use.

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Advanced Features of OLM Viewer Software

We are going to mention some of the advanced features of this software:

Provides a Scanning and Previewing Feature

The tool automatically scans all the data of the OLM file. All the folders which have any email will be loaded like Sent Items, Inbox, Drafts, Deleted Items, Images, etc. All the attributes are also displayed such as contacts name, subject of the message, from an email address, received time of email, etc. Users can also read all the data from the corrupted, inaccessible, or orphan OLM files as well.

Supports to Read All Data

The software provides an advanced feature to view the details of every item individually. You can open the calendars with alerts, meetings, dates, read/ unread status, appointments, times, etc. And details of all contact numbers, multiple email addresses, scheduled tasks, comments can be easily opened by using this software.

Allows to Explore OLM Files

The user is allowed to open OLM files with all the tasks, calendars, contacts, emails with attachments, etc. This software is compatible with Windows 11, 10, and all the below versions. And the tool doesn’t have any file size restriction, the user can add OLM files of any size as per his needs.

Gives Option to Open Multiple OLM Files

The software allows the users to check out the preview of images after the scanning process. It gives an “Add File” option to view multiple OLM files. And using this independent tool, you don’t need to install any other application. The software also provides multiple previewing modes: Horizontal and vertical for user requirements.

Final Thoughts

In the above blog, we have described the professional method to open OLM file. As this query doesn’t have any manual solution. So, that’s why we have shared the best approach to view OLM files. This professional tool is easy to use and is free of cost. The software has some prominent features which we have shared above. We suggest our users to go with this approach as this is safe and easy to use.

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