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How to Make Your Website Copy Stand Out in 2021

Copywriting Tips to Stand Out

Even though website copywriting has been around since the early days of the internet, website copy still remains an often-overlooked aspect of online marketing.

If you’re part of a business that sells something, website copy is vital to your website’s success. This means that website copywriting isn’t just for eCommerce or B2C businesses — but any website where you want to sell your products and services.

Whether you’re in charge of writing website content yourself or hiring a freelance copywriter, here are 7 tips and trends in website copywriting in 2021:

Get rid of cheesy stock photos: if it looks unprofessional, don’t use it!

In 2020, we saw a definite shift away from cheesy-looking website stock images. The website stock photo trend became so overused that website visitors were beginning to notice them too much, and it started affecting website conversions.

However, this doesn’t mean you should delete all of your website stock images — just make sure they look professional! Use website photos that are sleek, attractive, and convey the feel of your business without being distracting.

Get rid of website jargon: speak your audience’s language!

Think about how you talk with your friends or family members; do you use big words and industry jargon when discussing something with them? Probably not. When writing website copy, focus on using language that makes sense to the website visitor reading it instead of focusing on industry buzzwords and terminology only used within your website’s industry.

Rewrite website copy: keep it short and sweet!

If you’re worried about website conversions, website copy is an easy place to improve them — but only if you write effective website content! Many website owners still think that website visitors don’t want or need a lot of information when visiting their pages; this could not be further from the truth!

In order to get visitors to take action, website copy should be informative and concise. Although there isn’t any magic word count for your website content, aim for 300 words or less on average. If you have more website content than this, consider splitting your page into two or shorter pages instead.

Don’t mobile-friendliness: optimize website copy for website visitors on the go!

In 2021, website owners and website content writers will finally catch up to one of website design’s most important aspects: website mobile-friendliness. Too many website owners still aren’t optimizing their website pages for mobile devices — but in 2021, modern website visitors want a seamless experience on all of their devices.

Get rid of website popups: don’t force your website visitors to make decisions!

In 2021, more and more website owners are going to realize that a tactic they thought would improve their conversion rates is actually doing the opposite: asking high-pressure questions right when a visitor lands on a page or starts scrolling through the website content.

Instead of asking your website visitors questions that require them to make a website decision right away, give them time to digest website copy and website images before asking about their needs and how your business can meet them.

Stop website videos: go beyond websites and use website videos!

Although website videos are still an important part of website content in 2021, the best strategy is not simply to include website videos that play automatically — after all, most people dislike these types of website videos.

Instead of using website video as just another way to include words on your website pages, add real value with shorter, informative YouTube channel videos you can embed onto your blog or website page. Providing relevant information packed into short YouTube channel videos will help you improve search rankings while also adding more useful content for your visitors.

Include website links to other website pages:

In 2021, website visitors are going to expect more out of website links. Instead of simply linking words together, website owners should make an effort. To make website links logical by adding descriptive text explaining where website links are taking users.

Rewrite website copy again: take advantage of SEO-friendly website URLs!

A lot changes in eight years, and this is true for search engine optimization as well. In 2021, one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization will be your website URL and make sure it’s done right.

Your website URL should include the keywords people would use when searching for. Your business website, so it should be written in ways website visitors would search for what you’re selling. For example, instead of having your website, link read “questions-answered-by-nurses” website owners may want to use “helpful website content written by nurses for website visitors on common medical questions.”

This will help with website ranking while also adding more words to your website pages!

Don’t make people work to find information: always include footer website links!

In 2021, one important aspect of website design. What is still undervalued is including website links in blogs or website copy. Do not assume that all of the best website content on your page will be seen; there’s a chance that viewers might miss some valuable website links if they’re not prominently located.

Take advantage of website page real estate by including website links to pages on your website. Your website blog or website copy should include lots of footer website links. Pointing users to important sections of your website, like contact pages, about us pages, and more!

Don’t use website popups: let visitors come to you!

Finally, one unexpected trend in 2021 is that website owners will realize the best way to convert website visitors. Into leads is through relationship building instead of using high-pressure tactics right off the bat.

There’s no need for forms hiding behind newsletter subscription website popups; it’s much better (and effective) to get website visitors to come to you. Instead of using website popups, website owners should focus on building relationships. With website visitors so it’s easy for website visitors to give website owners their information when they’re ready.

Don’t let your website visitors get lost in the crowd! By following these ten tips, website copywriting services can help your website stand out. And provide an overall better user experience for your website visitors.

By 2021, it’s likely that even more changes will take place. Especially since search engines are always changing how they rank websites. To stay ahead of the game, contact a professional website copywriting service today!

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